Fresco on the Go Has a Crazy Ass Chicken Parm


As much as I can’t stand the generic Midtown delis (you know the spot… sandwiches + build your own salads + Snapple) I still find myself drawn into them every once in awhile. Sometimes it’ll be for Korean food, or mandoo (also Korean food), or a bulgogi sandwich (hmmm… I suppose that’s Korean food as well.) Ok, so usually it’s for Korean food. But I’ve also partaken in Mongolian BBQ, a terrible hamburger, and the Rolly Wrap (R.I.P.)  In other words, if a deli is doing something interesting, I won’t hesitate to dive right in.

Such is the case with Fresco on the Go (the takeout arm of the fancier Fresco by Scotto restaurant next door.)

I first heard about the FotG chicken parm over a year ago, courtesy of Lunch’er “ZK”:

The chicken parm wrap made with homemade flatbread at Scotto’s Fresco on the Go is top-notch, if slightly expensive at $9.95. There, the flatbread — a chewey, tortilla-like grilled bread — is the main attraction. The chicken is pre-made, but the sauce is tangy and rich and there is no dearth of cheese. Good stuff, if you can stomach the price.

Yeah… $10 is kind of steep. But I’m willing to try anything once.


Much to my surprise “flatbread” turned out to be something more like an Indian paratha, than the ubiquitous “Cosi” bread that every deli seems to serve now. Kind of like a chicken parm burrito. I’m down with a chicken parm burrito.


Fresco on the Go bakes their chicken parm in a gigantic pan (lasagna style) so while the breadcrumbs are tasty, it’s not as crunchy as it would be had they kept the fried chicken cutlets separate until the wrap was assembled. Also, they chop their cutlets into strips which makes it easier to scoop out of the pan, but harder for the chicken to stay connected to the breading. As a result you don’t get any conflicting textures… it’s more like one big gob of chicken, breadcrumbs, and cheese.

All of this makes it easier for them to assemble the burrito. The flatbread is tasty, in an interesting/chewy way, and makes for a good change of pace. And the big gob of filling tastes good, and makes me interested in trying their other gobs pastas, which have also been recommended in the past. Would I have liked more crispiness? Sure. But it was still a good sandwich (albeit a bit small for $10.)

Is this going to replace your standard chicken parm order at, say, La Bellezza (on 49th btw. Lex+3rd)? Uh… no. A Chicken parm sub is the way it is for a reason. And it’s served on a toasted Italian roll because that’s the perfect vehicle. But every once in awhile it’s fun to mix it up. And if you’re willing to pay $10 for a chance of pace, Fresco on the Go is a pretty good option.

THE +  (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • A chicken parm/Indian bread burrito?  That sounds interesting
  • I’m sick of the standard chicken parm… looking for something different.

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • They bake the whole thing in a pan, so there’s no crispiness
  • The flatbread is chewy, so there’s no constrast in textures.  The sandwich is just one big blob.
  • $10 for a chicken parm?  And it’s not even “the best”? Forget you…

Fresco on the Go, 40 E. 52nd St. (btw. Mad+Park), 212-754-2700


  • I think there’s a Fresco on the Go down here, too. That looks interesting but I’m leaning towards your minuses – I really like contrasting textures in my food.

  • Fresco on the Go doesn’t resemble a “generic midtown deli” in any way. They have excellent, carefully crafter food that comes out of the kitchen of a top-flight restaurant. Everything is fantastic, even their breakfast sandwiches. The only reason I don’t eat there more often is because it’s REALLY freakin expensive.

  • @pigiron – Sorry, I guess I should have said “upscale generic Midtown deli” !


    (I just use that term for all the places in Midtown that serve the classic soup/salad/sandwich/hot food thing you see everywhere. Although they don’t have a by the pound buffet… so maybe you’re right. Do they have a “make your own salad bar?” Because that’s the kiss of death…)

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    If you want crunch in a chicken parm alternative the Cafe Duke flatbread parm, finished in the open flame oven, has lots of that. La Bellaza remains the standard, even though they may have slipped a little, but the flatbread parm at Duke is a nice change once in a while. The guys in my office order a round of parms fairly often. I think we may have to try this one sometime.

  • @Zach- Yes, Fresco does have a salad station where you choose your own ingredients, so I guess it might be closer to a “generic” place than I would admit. But it’s better. Really. Much better. And much more expensive. BUT, you might catch a glimpse of Rosanna Scotto (a MILF if there ever was one) or one of her hot sisters. You ain’t seeing THAT at a Pax!

  • It’s OK, but for overpriced at $10. Tuscan is much better.

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