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In Which We Finally Try the Food From Feed Your Hole

When Feed Your Hole launched in January, they got an ear full from Midtown Lunch’ers in our comments. People had a problem with the name. And the logo. The random use of red words on the menu. The use of the Philly-style word “wit.” And, of course, there were accusations of shilling. Feed Your Hole’s Sean Sullivan got involved, stood up for their food and offered the haters free lunch (no word if anyone took him up on it). Clocking in at 133(!!) comments in just four days, it was intense.

After a recent mention in the forums, I figured it might be time to check back in with the truck and see what the food’s all about.

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Scouting Out Some New Trucks at Zagat’s Frenzy

_MG_2903 - Version 2

Summer may not start until this weekend, but on Monday I rang in the season early by performing a New Yorker’s seasonal ritual: standing in line with a couple hundred people at a food festival. It’s something I tend to avoid no matter what time of year, but despite that I made my way to West Chelsea to the Zagat Food Truck Frenzy in order to get a taste of some of the food trucks that don’t often make it to Midtown South or Flatiron. What I found was a number of tasty tacos and a bunch of trucks I want to try out some more.

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Feed Your Hole Burger & Hot Dog Truck Launching Tomorrow

If you thought 2011 was going to be the year that the food truck fad start to cool off, guess again.  We’re all still eagerly awaiting the Kimchi Taco Truck (will this week be the week!?!), the Big D Grub Truck was spotted downtown on Friday and we’re hearing that yet another brand new truck will attempt to make its debut in Midtown today tomorrow.  Meet “Feed Your Hole”, a which claims to be doing street food “The Old New York Way”.  That means hot dogs and burgers on bread from Arthur Avenue topped with a whole mess of condiments that they make from scratch- including hot sauce, mustard, ketchup, relish, and peppers that they pickle themselves.  They’ll also have fresh cut french fries (which they will gladly put on top of a burger or hot dog) along with cheese and chili.  Oh, and there is also a peanut butter and bacon topped burger (called “The Nut Burger”, natch.)

Check out the entire menu, after the jump…

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