In Which We Finally Try the Food From Feed Your Hole

When Feed Your Hole launched in January, they got an ear full from Midtown Lunch’ers in our comments. People had a problem with the name. And the logo. The random use of red words on the menu. The use of the Philly-style word “wit.” And, of course, there were accusations of shilling. Feed Your Hole’s Sean Sullivan got involved, stood up for their food and offered the haters free lunch (no word if anyone took him up on it). Clocking in at 133(!!) comments in just four days, it was intense.

After a recent mention in the forums, I figured it might be time to check back in with the truck and see what the food’s all about.

You might remember from the original post that the truck’s basic offerings are hot dogs and burgers. I ordered a medium rare Asian Sensation — a grass fed beef burger with fresh spring salad, tomato and Asian toasted sesame dressing — for $8.00. It boiled down to a burger with some Asian salad on top, but it tasted very good, although unevenly cooked. The sesame dressing added a complimentary sweetness to the burger meat’s savory flavor.

I understand that the quality of the ingredients is supposed to be very good, but since the burger is comparable in size to Shake Shack, and smaller than BV’s Burger, the price might be difficult to justify, especially if you’re adding fries.

Hand cut french fries are going to cost you an extra $3.00 (at least) for a small-size deli container, putting you over the ML limit if you opt for a burger (you should be OK if you go with dogs). But, then again, they were very good, and I can’t help but recommend the splurge.

I’d love to hear if anyone has tried Feed Your Hole’s hot dogs, since I haven’t yet. The truck has been popping up on 46th street lately, but as always you should check their Twitter account or the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out.


  • I went over the summer and had one of burgers with the cheeze cooked in the meat. I wish it was a bigger burger! I also had chili cheeze friez, and they were pretty good. A little soggy and the cheeze was not something out of the ordinary and special. The chili needed a bit more bite for my taste, so those who don’t like chili too spicy – these are worth a try. Actually, they’re worth a try anyways! My friends all had hot dogs smothered in various things and rave reviews were given – we even turned back for another for one friend. Give these guys a try if you see them. I can’t highly recommend, but if they’re within walking distance, it’s worth a try.

  • I’ve had their hot dog (bacon wrapped I think). It’s ok. I thought the fries were too limp and greasy–not crispy at all. I’ve also had their burger fries dog on a bun–bronx bomber or something. I wasn’t blown away by that either but it was solid. I think there are definitely cheaper as good options at almost any local deli/grays if you want a burger or hot dog, but if you are craving truck food, Feed Your Hole will not totally let you down.

    • That’s the Old NY Way, which I went ahead and ordered today. Burger is fairly decently sized — I think they said 8 ounces; dunno about that, but it’s decent enough post-cooked weight.

      Half a beefy, tasty hot dog is sliced on top of the patty, along with a small handful of fries and a lot of cheese. The meat is charred nicely, lots of caramelization. The flavor was quite good throughout, though the fries are virtually useless on the burger. I’d have enjoyed it more if the jalapenos and habaneros had made an appearance, but the burger’s the thing, and it was very good. In the truck world of today, it’s worth the nine bucks.

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    Wait, are you saying that they are selling Shack-sized burgers for $8.00?

  • I’ve had the hot dogs from Feed Your Hole… they’re alright, but it’s pretty difficult to mess up a hot dog. Even I can cook them, you know? But I would definitely agree with you about the fries… I loved them and this truck is certainly one of my favorites. If you haven’t already, try the nut burger! It sounds really strange, but trust me you won’t be sorry!

  • I’m guessing someone has already mentioned that the logo is the hand from Vampire Hunter D? If so, excellent ;-D

  • Ya know, the owner was such a jackass in those original comments, I’m still not going to give him any of my hard earned cash.

  • Broccoli Rob – No need to spend your hard earned cash come by for a free sampling. I was a jackass, i came off wrong. I was tense about starting a new truck from the beginning.

    Dan L – Weve actually pumped up the size of the burgers. We sacrificed earnings to give people what they want. Our meat mixture might as well be in some top notch restaurant since whats in it & not in a truck. But we wanted to give everyone a tasty meat option.

    The idea behind FEED YOUR HOLE was to simply give good food to someone looking for something easy. Backyard / park / bbq style food. Some of our stuff is interesting and some of our sauces are complicated but overall its easy stuff. We just want to give you guys good easy food.

  • I visited these guys last week. I had the double burger (smallest one) and fries. The burger was decent, though I think it may have been pre-frozen. The fries were pretty good. They were thinly cut, so there were plenty of small well cooked ones mixed in.

    I think you all need to visit again. They have a burger with fries and hot dogs on it. They also have lots of other weird combinations of burgers and hot dogs. It’s worth a visit.

  • I went last Friday as well – I’m pretty certain, at least judging from their appearance on Eat St. or whatever on the Cooking Channel, that the meat isn’t pre-frozen.

    They’re certainly worth visiting, and the owner has fairly quietly let his food do the talking since the initial, um, “press releases”.

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