BV’s Burger Gives You Bobby Van’s For ML Prices

Bobby Van’s is certainly not a Midtown Lunch — no upscale steakhouse is. But, what if you actually could get lunch for under $10? Turns out if you round the corner into the plaza next to the restaurant you’ll find BV’s Burger, a small space dedicated to a far less expensive takeout burger menu (plus some soups, salads and sandwiches). The surprisingly hefty 1/2 lb sirloin burger will run you only $6.00 ($6.50 with your choice of cheese) and comes with lettuce, tomato, pickles and ketchup; mayo, mustard, chopped onions and sauerkraut are also free toppings. “Extra add-ons” include sauteed onions, guacamole, grilled mushrooms, bacon and chili, each running you an extra $1.00.

So, to stay under $10 you pretty much have to make a choice: a burger with extra add-ons or one with a side of fries ($3.00).  I tried both, naturally.

The 1/2 lb sirloin burger, medium rare, was cooked perfectly. Extra add-ons on this baby included chopped onion (free) and guac ($1.00). As you can tell from the mess above, guac doesn’t travel so well. In fact, it made for one of the messiest hand-held lunches I’ve had in a while- possibly because they put all the toppings — well — on the bottom, under the patty.

The cheddar burger, cooked medium, with fries fared a little better. Although, fries are always a tricky item for takeout, and these did get soft in transit. Being 1/2 lb, the burger has more bulk than other patties you’ll get in midtown, so come hungry if you opt for this combo. Taste-wise, I’m not sure being from a steakhouse makes it any better than Shake Shack.

Outside BV’s Burger, there is a courtyard with tables and chairs that you can take advantage of on nice days. Sitting outside made waiting (about 10 minutes) for my order a more enjoyable experience.

BV’s Burger, 120 West 45th Street (located in the rear courtyard)


  • now this is a true to form Midtown Lunch post! Reminds me of the good old days here.

    looks like a pretty good deal.

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    ” they put all the toppings — well — on the bottom, under the patty.”

    Tip to readers–If you flip the burger over, the bottom becomes the top.

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      I’ve had this problem at BV’s too. The round, seeded side of the bun is clearly meant to be the “top.”

  • $3 for french fries has become acceptable as normal. That sucks, doesn’t it?

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    This sounds like a great deal. $6 for a half-pound burger sounds downright McDonaldsian in cheapness.

  • I walk by the random sign for this place all the time. Looks good. I’ll definitely try it!

    • I will have to make the pilgrimage, only not for guacamole.

      “So, to stay under $10 you pretty much have to make a choice: a burger with extra add-ons or one with a side of fries ($3.00). I tried both, naturally.”

      I like this Rachel person already.

    • What’s random about the sign?

  • Guacamole on a burger? What is this madness? Then again, guacamole turns my stomach so I don’t think it goes with anything.

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    Rachel, thanks for the good tip on this place. It’s practically in my backyard yet I didn’t know it was there. Thus the purpose of this site. I have been enjoying all of your reviews — you are an excellent addition to Midtown Lunch.

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    Really, really enjoyed this place.

    It’s VERY slow, but that’s because everything (at least on the burger front) was truly made-to-order. They didn’t even put the bacon on the grill until AFTER the burger was ready, just to assure it didn’t sit there for too long.

  • That Guac looks like a prop from the Human Centipede. I too have passed this place tons of times. Sounds like a must try.

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    They had a week-long $2 burger deal a few months ago. Surprised no one tried it then.

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    Tried BV Burger yesterday. Very good burger, worth the price. The fries are nothing special, and the three-dollar pricetag is rationalized by the grotesque amount of fries you get. Two lunchers (maybe even three) could be happy splitting one order of fries.

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    I checked this place out yesterday after reading this post. I agree with the majority of the reviews for this place, it’s a great burger and the price only makes it better. The fries aren’t anything special, they are pretty soggy, the only positive is the amount you get. The wait wasn’t too long either, maybe 10 mins max. Great find on this place overall!

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    This place is already “Midtown Lunch”-ruined. Line Friday at like 2PM was out the door, which while only about 10-15 people, likely means a wait of 20 minutes for the burger.

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    I was super happy that they had a turkey burger option on the menu. I got it and split the fries with someone and it was still a lot. Over my $5 limit, but for this I decided to splurge a bit. =P

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    Food is delicious, but I am 2 for 2 when ordering for 8 or more (one time we got no cheese on the burgers, second time we were left short a burger).

    I’ll give it a 3rd try, because the food is good, and the price is right, but after that, they blacklisted

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      Gotta give bv’s a ton of credit….the manager called me this afternoon, and went way above and beyond to try and improve my experience. I’m looking forward to the third try, no doubt about it

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