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El Guayaquileño is Back on the Street

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It’s been some time since we’ve seen the Ecuadorian lunch truck El Guayaquileño. Last I’d heard, they had temporarily converted it into the Malaysian Kitchen Food Truck in the fall.  Then yesterday, I stumbled across it at its old spot on 37th Street between 6th Avenue and Broadway. Does anyone know how long they have been back? Just as I got there, the lady inside darted off on her break, so I didn’t get to ask any questions. Regardless, I’ll be keeping an eye out so I can try some of that goat stew Mamacita raved about last year. Seems like the perfect thing to brighten a rainy spring day.

El Guayaquileno Truck to Give Out Free Malaysian Food?

The good news is, starting on Monday (Oct. 11th) the Malaysia Kitchen Food Truck will be driving around town giving away free samples from 9 different local Malaysian restaurants.  Next week there will be a schedule up on their website or you can follow them on Twitter.  The bad news?  According to this, they’ll be using the El Guayaquileño Truck.  Not sure what this means for our fave Ecuadorean food truck (last spotted on 37th and 6th) but at least we’re getting free Malaysian food out of it! The truck will be out Monday-Friday from 11am to 3pm through November 19th.

El Guayaquileño Cart Is Back!: Remember back in June the El Guayaquileño cart went MIA? Well, good news, they are back! Now parked on 37th and sixth Ave. on the northwest corner. Get a taste of Ecuadorian street food from Queens again in Midtown. Many thanks to Lunch'er "Wayne" for the hot tip!

El Guayaquileño Cart is MIA? Ay! Qué pena!: Just got a sad tip from Lunch'er "Wayne" about El Guayaquileño, the Ecuadorian truck on 37th btw. 7+8th: "Have you heard/seen anything about the El Guayaquileño Cart lately? I tried to go several times over the last few weeks and they appear to be MIA". Damnit! Where are we going to go for our goat stew fix? If anybody has seen this cart around, let us know in the comments.

Queens’ Street Food Comes to Midtown: A Second Look at the El Guayaquileño Cart

When the Mini Picanteria: El Guayaquileño truck showed up in midtown I was incredulous. The Guayaquileño trucks mainly stick to the outer borough of Queens with its mother restaurant located at 94-54 Corona Ave, Elmhurst. The term Picanteria is commonly used to describe family-owned eateries that serve inexpensive home-style meals and Guayaquileño is the term for the people of that region of Ecuador. The Guayaquileño truck follows that tradition and now offers midtown something rare and completely lacking in our street food scene: Ecuadorian food from the city of Guayaquil. Ultraclay checked out their tripe soup and I went back this week to test the boundaries of safe eating by trying the ceviche and my favorite: goat stew.

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Get Ecuadorian Food From the New El Guayaquileño Truck

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Ecuadorian food options are few and far between in Midtown. The only places I’ve heard of are El Rincon de Sabor (on 47th btw. 5+6th) and the lady selling Ecuadorian food from a shopping cart that Zach wrote about a couple years ago. Neither are particularly accessible to me in the Midtown South area, so when Luncher “@stenrotweeted the other day that El Guayaquileño, a new Ecuadorian food truck had popped up on 37th and 7th, I broke out into a jog to go check it out.

I was pretty excited because this was my first real opportunity to try out some Latin options more exotic than tacos and pernil. Interesting is definitely what this menu has to offer. See the food after the jump.

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