El Guayaquileño is Back on the Street

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It’s been some time since we’ve seen the Ecuadorian lunch truck El Guayaquileño. Last I’d heard, they had temporarily converted it into the Malaysian Kitchen Food Truck in the fall.  Then yesterday, I stumbled across it at its old spot on 37th Street between 6th Avenue and Broadway. Does anyone know how long they have been back? Just as I got there, the lady inside darted off on her break, so I didn’t get to ask any questions. Regardless, I’ll be keeping an eye out so I can try some of that goat stew Mamacita raved about last year. Seems like the perfect thing to brighten a rainy spring day.


  • they were there a couple weeks ago. got the steak, mmm. the lentils were tasty.

  • They have been there awhile. The shrimp “ceviche” is available – had it this week. Awesome as ever.

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    I started working near them 4 months ago and I think they’ve been there off-and-on the whole time

    The goat is awesome and the corn nuts are out of this world

  • only problem with them is they dont have a real menu, just a couple random pics.

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    I live in Queens and you can find this truck on Junction Blvd., Corona (7 Train). If you are wondering its on 40th Rd. & Warren St. a block away from the station during the weekend mornings. But you have to get there early to get all the great stuff because it runs out fast.

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