Get Ecuadorian Food From the New El Guayaquileño Truck

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Ecuadorian food options are few and far between in Midtown. The only places I’ve heard of are El Rincon de Sabor (on 47th btw. 5+6th) and the lady selling Ecuadorian food from a shopping cart that Zach wrote about a couple years ago. Neither are particularly accessible to me in the Midtown South area, so when Luncher “@stenrotweeted the other day that El Guayaquileño, a new Ecuadorian food truck had popped up on 37th and 7th, I broke out into a jog to go check it out.

I was pretty excited because this was my first real opportunity to try out some Latin options more exotic than tacos and pernil. Interesting is definitely what this menu has to offer. See the food after the jump.

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When I got to the truck, it was clear I wasn’t the only one who was excited. A crowd of customers ordered and chatted in Spanish and look at me oddly as I took pictures of the truck. Everyone seemed psyched to have a new, tasty Latin option available. As for the price, most of the Ecuadorian food was $8, except for the pork sausage soup, which is $10. Hot dogs and hamburgers are cheaper, but really, who cares?

The menu is heavy on the stews and soups, perfect for the chilly weather we had a couple weeks ago, but last week, not so much. For the adventurous, there’s all sorts of interesting items like goat or hen stews, morocho, which is described as a “corn drink” and beef tripe, which was my lunch choice.

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I took my order down to Herald Square and sat out with the lunchers and tourists and ate in the sun. I got a pint container full of tripe and potatoes in an orange sauce and a wider container filled with yellow rice. Tripe isn’t for everyone, obviously. But, if you’re an offal fan, it’s got a soft, tender texture with a chewiness to each bite that’s deeply satisfying. I gobbled it down over yellow rice that sopped up all that sauce wonderfully.

Looking over the menu, there is a lot I want to try out. The goat stew or pork sausage soup in particular are calling out to me. It almost makes me wish for a couple more of those cold, bone-chilling days that call out for rich, savory stews to warm up your insides. But then, it’s probably just a matter of days before my office starts jacking up the AC to frigid summer settings, that always makes it feel like winter again.

El Guayaquileño, 37th Street, just west of 7th Avenue. 917.578.7980

Open 10am to 3pm, Mon-Fri. Free delivery.


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    Saw this place today while returning from Bon Chon… will certainly be back another day (probably tomorrow). Any other recs welcome as tripe isn’t my thing.

    Is this truck related to the one with the same name on 80th St & Roosevelt in Queens? That one serves the best shrimp ceviche in history? The broth is a tomato-y elixir from heaven and they serve it with a side of toasted maize. A must-have.

  • Yes, this is the same one as in Corona/Jackson Heights.
    Here is a menu translation I did a while ago
    – but it seems like they have made it easier for you.

    Try the bollo de pescado (fish bollo, I guess). and the ceviche is great too.
    here’s a video featuring them from a street food crawl I organized

    I’m glad to see them expanding, but also I feel like the cool kids just left my table. They’ll be back…

  • The tripe was good, but the portion of rice was enough for a chinese family of 4. They need some vegs or beans.

  • bold order! any ceviche on the menu?

    • I had the camarones ceviche today and it was amazing

      Exactly the same as Roosevelt Ave, and I recognize the staff from that truck too

      This truck is the Midtown Lunch find of the year – and it features actual midtown lunches that cost less than $10 ! Holy schnikees!

  • Was jonesing for a good hot dog, today, and I remembered seeing this joint on the corner just down from my office at 37 & 7th a few weeks back (did I just use “jonesing” and “joint” in the same sentence?). They are no longer there, but have moved to 37th and 6th, just west of 6th.

    The hot dog is 3 bucks and quite awesome. It’s extra long (with matching bun), tasted all-beef, was at least a quarter pound, and, with everything on it, has onions, ketchup, mustard, and mayo(!). I love finding alternatives to the Sabrett carts!

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    The guatita is good and very filling but that may have been due to the rice. Guata needs to be more rich, didn’t really get the peanuty feel when you eat a good one. Also lacking a bit in cilantro–that’s what makes a good guatita (also some red onion helps as well)!!

    I give them MAJOR props for having seco de chivo (goat stew), seco de gallina (hen stew), quaker and morocho. mmmm…morocho.. I would advise tho that drinking these is better in cooler weather and not in this blistering heat but a good quaker with ice ain’t so bad.

    The best by far is the encabollado. Jeez this can be tricky since lots of places can truly fuck this up by lacking in the fish (not sure what they’re using) or making it too watery but this packs a punch and makes great energy food that will give you the fuel to get through your afternoon. I left very satisfied after eating it. Best to have it with a Tropical which is the local Ecuadorian soda (I believe its raspberry).

    One other thing I saw they had on their menu is sango. WoW. Truly traditional ecuadorian dish WHICH IS AMAZING and not too many places would dare to make this since locals are very finicky about eating a good sango and those who are not familiar with it might get turned off by it. I would be sad if they dropped this. (a note I have not tried it…yet)

    One last thing. I hope they stick it out and persevere. The few times I’ve been there most of the people order just ceviche and the chicken salad. C’mon guys, give the other food a chance!!!!!

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    El Guayaquileno is one of a kind place where to eat and feel like home. Must have: Bollo de pescado, Encebollado, Guatita among others exquisite meals….you can go anytime at Warren St and Roosevelt its 24 hrs there…

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