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Set Aside Your Monday Lunches for E&E Grill House’s $9 Sandwich Special

E&E Grill HouseLast week, we found out that E&E Grill House (on 49th btw. B’way+8th) would be offering all of their lunch-time sandwiches for $9 on Mondays. Since we liked their candied bacon BLT and house made potato chips, we were eager to try their other, pricier sandwiches for the $9 special.

They are indeed pricey for what are seeming sandwich commodities — a grilled chicken with avocado for $12, a cheeseburger for $13, a steak sandwich for $14 and even that BLT, delicious but dear at $11. Whats-more, is that there’s nothing particularly groundbreaking or sexy about the sandwiches to justify that price, and perhaps the most provocative thing that’s happening at E&E Grill House are the Broadway stars that supposedly frequent the place, which they vaingloriously promote on twitter . But we can get behind their effort at making the sandwiches more accessible, and we can also get behind their steak sandwich Monday lunch special.

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E&E Grill House Launches $9 Monday Sandwich Special

E&E Grill HouseA few months ago, we paid a visit to Midtown West newcomer E&E Grill House and learned that most of the lunch menu items were well above our $10 price limit, including their very good take on a classic BLT.  But there’s good news for the cheap asses (like us) who want to try the rest of their menu, but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg. They’ve recently launched a Monday lunch special where they’re offering the whole sandwich menu for just $9. Each sandwich will also come with their house made chips (which I absolutely loved on my last visit) or a green side salad. Considering that this almost cuts the price of some of their pricier sandwiches, such as their tempting steak sandwich, by up to 35%, this sounds like a pretty good deal.

E&E Grill House Serves an Impressive But Pricey BLT

E&E Grill House

When we first noticed that a restaurant called E&E Grill House was taking shape on 49th St between 8th Ave and Broadway, we took a snarky jab at their self endorsement as a, “genuine, approachable, neighborhood grill house for everyone”. However we’ve had a change of heart about this place if a recent lunch featuring a candied BLT sandwich and house made potato chips is any indication of things to come.
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E & E Grill Offering Free Coffee This Morning: E&E Grill House, the new steak place on 49th btw. B'way+8th, is launching their new grab and go coffee program this morning and to celebrate they're  giving away free cups of Barrington Roasters coffee to their first 1,000 customers before 10am all day long. They're not open for lunch yet, and we're doubtful their lunch menu will be in the ML price range, but we'll take some free coffee! Freeloaders engage.

E&E Grill House to Open in Midtown West

EE Grill House

Walking on 49th between 7th & 8th Ave, I noticed plywood for a new restaurant called E&E Grill House, right across from Cycle Cafe. They have a website, which doesn’t divulge much information other than that they’ve billed themselves to be “A genuine, approachable, neighborhood grill house for everyone”, which sounds dangerously similar to Applebee’s and the like. Considering that this block has little to no viable lunch options, this may be something to get excited about.

E&E Grill House, 233 West 49th St (between 7th & 8th Ave)