Set Aside Your Monday Lunches for E&E Grill House’s $9 Sandwich Special

E&E Grill HouseLast week, we found out that E&E Grill House (on 49th btw. B’way+8th) would be offering all of their lunch-time sandwiches for $9 on Mondays. Since we liked their candied bacon BLT and house made potato chips, we were eager to try their other, pricier sandwiches for the $9 special.

They are indeed pricey for what are seeming sandwich commodities — a grilled chicken with avocado for $12, a cheeseburger for $13, a steak sandwich for $14 and even that BLT, delicious but dear at $11. Whats-more, is that there’s nothing particularly groundbreaking or sexy about the sandwiches to justify that price, and perhaps the most provocative thing that’s happening at E&E Grill House are the Broadway stars that supposedly frequent the place, which they vaingloriously promote on twitter . But we can get behind their effort at making the sandwiches more accessible, and we can also get behind their steak sandwich Monday lunch special.

E&E Grill House Steak Sandwich

$9 entitles lunchers to a sandwich, as well as a choice of salad or potato chips. Unless you’re seriously finicky about a healthy lunch, the chips are a no-brainer, as the salad was lamentably plain. No carrots, tomatoes, broccoli or any other cruciferous veggie — just a sad heap of chopped romaine lettuce tossed with a bit of vinaigrette.

The steak sandwich, with a few tweaks, would be a knock out at $9. The steak was tender and blessedly meaty, and just as well, there was melted gruyere which made enough of a presence to compliment the steak, but not weigh down the sandwich. And whomever is in charge of grilling the bread should be assured of job security, as the crunch and toastiness of the fresh roll made all the difference. However, I would encourage you to request the sickly sweet, gloppy BBQ sauce with caramelized onions on the side, as they were far too heavy handed with it on my visit.

The sandwiches may not be the most adventurous, but for the price, portion and quality, they’re certainly worth a visit on Mondays. On my visit, I learned that the Monday special should carry on indefinitely, so I set a repeating Monday lunch placeholder in my Outlook calendar with no end date. Give E&E a try, and you might do just the same.

E & E Grill House, 233 W. 49th Street (btw B’way+8th), 212-505-9909

E&E Grill House Serves an Impressive But Pricey BLT


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    I want to believe…but I just can’t.

    Even if it’s $9 it’s just a sandwich and some chips. No cole slaw that comes with it. No pickle. No drink…nothing. I know that you want to defend this place that you like so much, but it just seems a big rip off to me. If they, ultimately, don’t want to cater to cheapos…then so be it. We just won’t go there.

    Instead I will support those who do cater to cheapos and get a much better deal for way less than that. There doesn’t even seem to be anything unique about these sandwiches or this place to warrant to exorbitant prices that they are asking for. I, literally, spent the same amount of money and got a HUGE burger and french fries and it was delicious. I was satisfied and did not feel as if I just threw my money outside of my office window and onto the street.

    I feel like this would be akin to someone trying to convince us to go Rickshaw dumplings trying to justify their overpriced dumplings simply for the fact that they are under $10. It’s not that I don’t appreciate your posts, because I do. It’s just that this place just doesn’t seem worth it for the price.

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    The details of this deal are not correct.

    I visited Monday 7/8 and this deal only applies to a single sandwich selected on their menu. (which was the American burger this Monday) The deal comes with the sandwich, salad OR chips, pickle, and a soft drink.

    My friend got the burger which he said was quite good I got the grilled chicken sandwich which was also very good. The standard sandwich prices are not too bad, on par with many other midtown theater area spots, which were mostly in the $12/$13 range. They were very accommodating and friendly although the restaurant was virtually empty aside from us and one other table.

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