E&E Grill House Serves an Impressive But Pricey BLT

E&E Grill House

When we first noticed that a restaurant called E&E Grill House was taking shape on 49th St between 8th Ave and Broadway, we took a snarky jab at their self endorsement as a, “genuine, approachable, neighborhood grill house for everyone”. However we’ve had a change of heart about this place if a recent lunch featuring a candied BLT sandwich and house made potato chips is any indication of things to come.

E&E Grill House Candied BLT

It almost didn’t happen. First the price – the only lunch item priced at $10 is the ‘Veggie Joe’, while the rest of the lunch menu runs in the low to mid teens. Second, the location – perhaps the only reason to ever find yourself on that stretch of 49th St is if you’re the lucky ticket holder to The Book of Mormon.

But if you’re willing to bend the Midtown Lunch $10 rule a bit, I’ll happily endorse the $11 candied BLT sandwich, which may be as good as any BLT I’ve ever tried. In short, it’s everything you’d want in a BLT – thick cut and luscious bacon which is brushed with a sweet glaze to balance out the saltiness, ripe tomatoes, crisp lettuce and a bit of mayonnaise to round everything out. Not only is it an outstanding balance of sweet and salty, but the crunch of the 9 grain toast and lettuce makes the texture pop.

The sandwiches at E&E Grill House also come with a generous pile of house made chips, which like the BLT, are everything you’d want in a potato chip. Addictively crispy, light, evenly salted, but not overly oily or greasy, they’re an ideal compliment to any sandwich.

If E&E Grill House can show this level of respect to a simple BLT and chips, I’m looking forward to trying the other fare in the future. Despite our initial suspicion, I’ll happily eat my previous words… and certainly eat another one of those BLTs.

E & E Grill House, 233 W. 49th Street (btw B’way+8th), 212-505-9909


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    Is it just me or have there been a lot of posts endorsing lunches that are over the $10 limit? I mean…if it’s good, it’s good, but it just seems that way.

    Have we run out of $10 and under lunch options in Midtown?!

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      maybe they are getting paid to say nice things – who knows

      the BLT from Wichcraft is a big rip off – i know they say the tomato is the focus but they gave me two skimpy pieces of bacon – the webiste pic looks a lot better

    • Good point. If a place has just a single item under $10 (a veggie sandwich, no less!) then it’s really not a ML place in the spirit of this website. And a BLT for $11 is worth bending rules for? I’m sorry, but a BLT is something to make easily at home and bring to work. You can make 2-3 BLTs with a mass of yummy bacon in each, slices of quality tomatoes, fresh lettuce, and even wasabi mayo (recommended) for a fraction of the cost of this single sandwich. It’ll keep until lunchtime, and be filling and (I bet) at least as good as this one. Then again, many people around here will pay over $5 for a PB&J sandwich so….

      • Wait, are you saying I can save money my bringing my lunch to work?

      • In this case, a BLT is sufficiently simple and homemade offers substantial cost savings, so I think it warrants a mention. The current grilled cheese fad is also an overpriced ripoff (you can get a loaf of good bread and half a pound of quality cheese for the price of a single sandwich) but it isn’t convenient to make a gc at work and a cold gc just isn’t the same. a BLT doesn’t have such constraints.

        Oh wait, you were just giving me grief! ;)

  • $11 is the new $10, change your name to 7DollarQueen.

  • $11.00 for a sandwich?


    You folks in NYC must have a whole LOT more disposable income than I and my wife have — and we are considered to be fairly comfortable, financially speaking, here in Columbia, Maryland.

    Carrion, please.

  • Did you leave full? I’m not paying $11 for a BLT and potato chips, or any sandwich for that matter, unless I left stuffed.

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