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Comment of the Day: “FreeFoods NYC is Fantastic!”

This comment popped up on our post about the new location of FreeFoods NYC, and as hard as this is going to be to believe, I don’t think it’s a shill:

“I went there yesterday.  I was so busy that I didn’t have time to post.  The food was FANTASTIC!!  Everything was fresh and delicious.  They really know how to use flavors.  I picked from the by-the-pound section.  I had duck breast with some tasty sides, shrimp wrapped in bacon, some brown rice type thing with mushrooms, and filet mignon over some humus type sauce on toast.  I cannot begin to tell you how delicious all of these were besides the shrimp.  The shrimp was average.  The Filet and the rice were absolutely spectacular!”

Then things get ridiculous…

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What Happens When Things Get Rowdy at White Castle

I just couldn’t ignore this comment that Bronx Briner Girl posted about the White Castle on 8th Ave. btw. 36+37th:  ”The fun begins when the recording plays, reminding patrons that there is no loitering permitted on the premises, that if they have not purchased food they will be removed forcibly by the police department. When things really get rowdy, an alert sounds and the manager makes an audible announcement. Then the cops show up and escort the offenders off the premises.” Really?  Have you seen this happen?  That’s awesome. I ate there once without incident.

Comment of the Day: MFC asking about a generic deli recommended by today's Profiled:Midtown Lunch'er: "Why did Dunhill name itself Dunhill? Was poomountain already taken?”

Comment of the Day: Posted by Rudy McBagel about my lunch review of Tad's Steaks: "It’s like the first 25 minutes of Saving Private Ryan."