What Happens When Things Get Rowdy at White Castle

I just couldn’t ignore this comment that Bronx Briner Girl posted about the White Castle on 8th Ave. btw. 36+37th:  ”The fun begins when the recording plays, reminding patrons that there is no loitering permitted on the premises, that if they have not purchased food they will be removed forcibly by the police department. When things really get rowdy, an alert sounds and the manager makes an audible announcement. Then the cops show up and escort the offenders off the premises.” Really?  Have you seen this happen?  That’s awesome. I ate there once without incident.


  • Bah, Murder burgers aint got nothing on Chuck E Cheese! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1y3_bRvu_c

  • What really kills ya is the food. :(

  • One can only imagine this happens when the Chuckies visit …..Tingtong stealing paper napkins…..Doc ordering his 24 slider breakfast….tingtong offering extras outside the mens bog….then they flee to their `73 VW van.

    Bit like Ratso Rizzo and his lover.

    But with Fuckwits

  • I’ve seen White Castle riots before. They were back when I was a lot younger at the White Castle on Hempstead Tpke in East Meadow, LI. Everybody in there was drunk or just released from the prison across the street. It was a wild scene. Open 24 hours, so the fun never stopped.

  • The White Castle in Jersey City had a mini-police stand behind the counter. I’ve seen similar set-ups at other Jersey WCs. What is it about White Castle that inspires people to criminal behavior?

  • Gotta love white castle. I once tried to eat 25 in 40 min, and puked in the parking lot at 19 1/2–at the WC in Union New Jersey! Good times! After boycotting WC for about a decade, I started ordering a box of frozen cheeseburgers every now and then from Fresh Direct…Except now, I try to savor the flavor by eating only 1 or 2 for a latenight snack…

  • Marie I know the white castle in jc you are talking about. Its located right by the indian bazaar. That white castle is scary…and many times I found the employees scarier than the customers. :(

  • Maybe because White Castles are pretty much open 24 hours and are craved by pot heads and alcoholics…

  • I used to work around there- I went there once and it was so ghetto. This guy came in with a fur coat on, hat, walking with a limp and cane and smoking a cigarette- my co worker and I were like okay…Never went back ;)

  • As I said, that White Castle is a FREAK SHOW. I have also eaten at the WC on Hempstead Tpke, and the one on Queens Blvd, and while all have, shall we say, eccentric customers, the one on 8th avenue takes the cake (and/or slider). Also, in response to Lou, you say Pot Heads/Alcoholics with such a negative tone…

  • Yeah, I do love WC, however, I will only do the drive through. I just can’t bring myself to actually go inside one. I also really love the fact when it comes to the fries and onion rings you either can get a regular one or for 10 cents more, you can get a sack of them which is like 3 times the amount.

  • I do the drive thru in the jersey city WC and there is always a homeless person harassing you for change standing right next to the cashier window.

  • My first WC experience was the Hempstead Tpke one, at 3 in the morning with three other drunken white suburban kids. It looked like it had seen a few rowdy incidents. I have heard of fights at the Bayside WC, also late in the night/early morning.

  • Oh I miss the Hempstead Tpke one. It was right by that awesome Dunkin Donuts. What a combo. The WC is Lynbrook is kinda scary but it still pales in comparison to the 8th Ave one.

    The one in Astoria, however, is a White Castle nirvana….

  • Wow, I got singled out for special treatment. Thanks!

    I don’t know how to sensitively, delicately state this without offending someone, so I do apologize to recovering heroin addicts out there who are really trying to recover…. but here goes:

    Everyone who works on Eighth Avenue between 34th and 40th is subjected to a daily freak show of people who are homeless, strung out on something, homeless and strung out… There’s a methadone clinic right around the corner. The neighborhood has a higher concentration of panhandlers than any other I know of.

    I am _not_ making the White Castle stuff up, I swear! It’s just an older incident.

    It usually only takes one officer entering the WC to send loitering groups scattering to the street. When I first started working on 38th back in 2004, you didn’t want to eat in the WC because it literally reeked. It was homeless haven: cheap coffee, empty tables and convenient to public transportation and there were at least two more adult video stores on the strip. I used to go in, get my murder burgers and then slink back to my office. The one time that I did eat in that restaurant, I heard the infamous announcement, and saw the scatter!

    I’ve been in the store maybe twice in the past six months and I haven’t witnessed anything. The management seems to have things under control. Walking back down the street to my office from Pick-a-Pita, on the other hand… ;-)

    And the White Castles in the Bronx are…

    Just fill in the blanks, Midtown Lunch Readers.

  • This is a gem of a White Castle. I’ve taken food to go from here on a number of occassions over the years. Situated on the Avenue of Broken Dreams (8th between 34 and Port Authority) it doubles as a methadone clinic and the wait in line is always entertaining just try to not loose your appetite. Its the ghettoest fast food resturant I’ve been in but you could probably say that about every White Castle and the neighborhood they are set up in. But god dammit its a White Castle and the only one in Manhattan from what I know. There used to be one on 34th Street that was nicer that closed down a few years back. White Castle is great I don’t care what people say you just got to be in the mood for it (alcohol helps).

  • I have been to the WC on the side of the Bruckner, and have literally stopped and thought “hmm, what’s safer, going inside and getting caught in a robbery, or doing the drive through and being pinned down in a drive-by or a car jacking?” Maybe that’s why the potheads like it – its better if you dont over think it, and just cast your fate to the winds.

  • I have never eaten at the 8th Ave White Castle WIHOUT some kind of incident. Worst I’ve witness was a creep who put his hand in the pants of a girl who was waiting in line, and then ran away.

    The Jersey City location is downright genteel in comparison, despite the bulletproof lexan panels separating the kitchen from the dining room, and the one cashier with the weird puffy hand.

  • Clinton Hill WC is pretty solid.

    honorable mention to the one across the street from Queens Center Mall and the Bed Stuy/East Williamsburg one.

  • Now you guys have me excited. I’m going to get some garlic, a cross, and some kevlar and head over there.

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