Comment of the Day: “FreeFoods NYC is Fantastic!”

This comment popped up on our post about the new location of FreeFoods NYC, and as hard as this is going to be to believe, I don’t think it’s a shill:

“I went there yesterday.  I was so busy that I didn’t have time to post.  The food was FANTASTIC!!  Everything was fresh and delicious.  They really know how to use flavors.  I picked from the by-the-pound section.  I had duck breast with some tasty sides, shrimp wrapped in bacon, some brown rice type thing with mushrooms, and filet mignon over some humus type sauce on toast.  I cannot begin to tell you how delicious all of these were besides the shrimp.  The shrimp was average.  The Filet and the rice were absolutely spectacular!”

Then things get ridiculous…

“They also had some dessert freebies.  They have a no pumpkin pumpkin pie that is probably the best pumpkin pie I’ve ever had. The price… “$7 per half pound.”  That’s what the guy said to me.  I don’t care what the price is.  This place is worth it.  Just get a half pound of the filet and it’s pretty much a steak lunch. -Harry”

The best pumpkin pie you have ever had, didn’t have pumpkin in it?  Seriously?  The BEST YOU’VE EVER HAD. Why not just say, ”it was so good, I thought it had pumpkin.”  Or even, “it’s as good as any pumpkin pie in Midtown.”  But, best…pumpkin…pie…ever?   Has to be a shill, right?

Surprisingly this commenter has posted many comments, none of them about FreeFoods… so unless Harry has been posting “undercover” for months, in order to give his shill credibility on this very day- this comment appears to be legitimate.  Whether or not you chose to listen to him is a completely different story.


  • FWIW, I too visited FreeFoods yesterday (afternoon) and interestingly enough had a conversation with one of the principals of the outfit and mentioned how influential I thought ML was but cautioned him that its not too receptive to vegan, natural foods, etc… Two other things the commenter didn’t mention: the cost per half pound is MORE than Dishes and the freebie brownie was F-ing unbelieveably good it was like $3.75 though. No way you get out of their under $10. Going back today with camera.

  • Looks Like Mr.Peter Lusk has re-invested after Zen Burger.

  • Im confused… Is this a Vegan, Natural foods, place with fake meats? or is it just a very wholesome and expensive ML alternative?
    - a carnivore

  • Total shill.

    No way would any legit ML’er give us all those details without somewhere including a direct comparison (or at least some reference) to another noteworthy by-the-lb contender.

  • Welcome to Shillville. Population: You.

  • meyekull;

    My bad. They have meat (yesterday I saw chicken dishes fish dishes, some nice looking suchi rolls ) but they also have a lot of vegan stuff especially in the baked goods not sure how to descibe their category – maybe like higher end prepared meals at Whole Foods?

  • don’t think it’s a shill…i ordered seamless web delivery from FreeFoods yesterday and it was pretty damn good…granted, only had a soup and meatball press sandwich, but they were both way above average.

  • lol, wow, I got attention here. I’ll email you privately and prove the best I can that I am not a shill. I really loved the place, though I also love organic food. Thanks!

  • @Niko
    I’ve been to Dishes but have only ordered sandwhiches. They make great stuff.

    I agree that it’s hard to get out of Free Foods for under $10 considering they sell a $3 ice-t/lemonade.

    They are not strictly vegan. They sell vegan foods as well as other foods. They appear to be completely organic. That’s one of the differences with Whole Foods. Whole Foods (which I love, but is a hike from here) makes great stuff, but isn’t Organic unless they say they are.

    @Chip Beef
    The only by-the-pound places that I can compare it to are Cafe Duke and Whole Foods. You obviously get more food and a better value from both of them. I’ve never tried Dishes because I generally don’t like by-the-pound lunches. I think you go to Free Foods for the flavors more than to fill up. That’s been an ongoing conflict on ML.

  • This whole cost per half pound thing is ridiculous. It’s like those Asian candy stores in Chinatown that list price per quarter pound. It’s preying on customer’s disconnect between seeing a price and recalculating that they have to double it. It’s not that we’re stupid, it’s just that our minds calculate prices that way. If you don’t think it works, ask yourself last time you saw some big ticket item for 199 or something just to avoid being 200+.

    yea I’m sure it’s tasty. For $14 per pound, it better fucking taste good. FWIW, at Trader Joes, beef tenderloin (filet mignon) is $14.99 / lb.

    $7 per half pound. What bullshit.

  • The soups and salads are not bad at all. The rest is painfully healthy at the expense of flavor. I’ve tried the baked goods multiple times (dry, wheaty) and the lunch spread multiple times (catering events) and have not been impressed. You can barely get out of there under $10 with just a juice.

  • Just ordered seamless web from here again and better than yesterday. Thai Basil Free-Range Chicken Salad Sandwich is best chick-salad sandwich in midtown and Roasted Wild Mushroom & Rosemary Soup is very tasty and arrived steaming hot. Didn’t look at price cause client’s paying for it….PLAYAH

  • lol @Wined & Dined

    playah. haha. love it. free food always tastes better, and i mean free as in no-cost.

  • Let’s try it this way:

  • Yes….and according to DDR owes his ex wife $600k


  • Holy shit, people.

    I just went down there, to sample this “Best Pumpkin Pie EVAR!” You know, to confirm or deny the orgasmic pie-rumors.

    The thing is SEVEN FUCKING DOLLARS. For ONE (1) PIECE OF PIE! Not a whole pie. A single piece. It’s not even a substantial piece, either. More a “oh, just give me a sliver I’m watching my waistline” piece.

    Needless to say, I did not indulge.

    God, I had such high hopes for that space after Crapfudt folded. Now I’m going to wait for this place to collapse under the weight of its own overpriced garbage to get another decent lunch option on the Eastern Frontier.

  • It sounds crazy, but I can vouch that I’m a jaded midtown eater and I love Freefoods. I don’t think this is a shill! I guiltily sneak to Freefoods and buy highly-priced sandwiches, filet mignon and soups. The food IS fantastic. Fantastic at a high price, but I keep going back. Plus they give away freebies all the time. I tasted a brownie sample the other day for free and now I feel the urge to buy them.

  • I still smell an orgy of shill.

  • Free Foods is good–and the people who work there are very nice, but SO FREAKIN EXPENSIVE! I have to eat a bowl of cereal to complete my lunch–not sure how the value equation works out then.

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