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Another Caffe Bene Coming To 36th & 7th

Looks like Korean coffee chain Caffe Bene is expanding with a new location. The cafe is sandwiched between their Chelsea location (on 27th and 7th) and the Times Square spot we’ve written about on 49th and Broadway. The above signage was wrapped around the northeast corner of 36th and 7th. Now if only that Maple Macchiato was just a tad bit cheaper!

Caffe Bene’s Maple Macchiato is an Expensive Indulgence

South Korean coffee chain Caffe Bene has opened its doors on Broadway and 49th street. Last week we posted photos of the impressive space, which boasts comforts that most Starbucks locations lack these days: plenty of seating, a book nook, flat screens and more. But what about the coffee and baked goods?

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Caffe Bene is Open for Business

Caffe Benne

Well that didn’t take long. The ambitious South Korean coffee chain, Caffe Benne, is now open for business at 49th St and Broadway. The massive venue boasts plenty of seating, a book nook, gigantic flat screen TVs, pastries, doughnuts, gelato, and pre-packaged sandwiches. Oh, and there’s coffee as well, which on my visit a bit flat, but inoffensive. Check out the drinks menu and a peek at the interior after the jump.

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Korean Chain Caffe Bene is Coming to Times Square

Caffe Bene

Here’s some news that slipped by almost everyone in New York: Korean coffee chain Caffe Bene is opening its first US location on 49th Street and Broadway sometime in the near future. The announcement was made by Wall Street Journal Asia back in April, with an anticipated opening during the Fall. As of a few weeks ago, they didn’t look close to opening. They were looking for a regional manager in early November which can mean that the opening will be soon. Anyone had their coffee in South Korea?