Korean Chain Caffe Bene is Coming to Times Square

Caffe Bene

Here’s some news that slipped by almost everyone in New York: Korean coffee chain Caffe Bene is opening its first US location on 49th Street and Broadway sometime in the near future. The announcement was made by Wall Street Journal Asia back in April, with an anticipated opening during the Fall. As of a few weeks ago, they didn’t look close to opening. They were looking for a regional manager in early November which can mean that the opening will be soon. Anyone had their coffee in South Korea?


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    You know those cute cafe’s with those dainty little pastries and fancy foam crap on their lattes that you see in Asian dramas? yea, it’s basically that. Taste wise it’s the same as a starbucks more or less (more sweet drinks though). Imagine a hybrid of Paris Baguette and Starbucks and you basically get a caffe bene. Personally not the biggest fan, but i’m sure they’ll do well regardless

    • yes, agreed that it’s naturally sweeter, although I tasted pretty distinct ‘cardboard’ notes when I tried it over the summer. I generally stick to Dunkin Donuts when i’m in Korea though.

  • Haven’t had the coffee from this place in Korea, but what’s up with Korean coffee chains taking over the U.S.? Tom & Toms is quietly taking over Koreatown in LA right now.

  • You guys are crazy. I love their peach yoghurt smoothies. Far superior to any blended drink I’ve ever had at Starbucks. Plus, their waffles are delicious! I’ve just come back from a 14-month stay in Korea and I really miss Caffe Bene. It’s the only chain I really miss from there.

  • P.S. I’ve had a variety of their drinks … Fourteen months is a lo~~~~~ng time.

  • I just went there yesterday and the decor is really cute, very Asian. It was packed!

    I got their regular coffee, and thought it was decent. They also have a little area where you can pour drinks instead of right into the trash.

    On their menu, Misugaru latte was an option, which sounded cool but they had run out of misugaru powder. I also tried their cold brew iced coffee (I love cold brew), which was sold in bottles. It tasted very acidic, which was a disappointment!

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