Caffe Bene’s Maple Macchiato is an Expensive Indulgence

South Korean coffee chain Caffe Bene has opened its doors on Broadway and 49th street. Last week we posted photos of the impressive space, which boasts comforts that most Starbucks locations lack these days: plenty of seating, a book nook, flat screens and more. But what about the coffee and baked goods?

I spent way too much money on breakfast and indulged in a small maple latte macchiato ($4.35) and a chocolate croissant ($2.75). The espresso drink was tasty, but I probably wouldn’t spend for it again. The pastry was nothing special; I wish my croissant had been flakier. As I was paying, I eyed the fantastic-looking signature waffles on display by the registers. Lunch’er Jo stopped by and confirms they’re tasty and freshly made:

Checked it out today around 2PM, solely for the waffles. Place wasn’t too busy. I ordered a sweet waffle with ricotta, fig sauce and almonds. Tasty little treat which is cooked while you wait. Only issue I see is that it’s way over priced at $6.48 including tax. Didn’t try the coffee.

The the food selection here is vast, ranging from breakfast items (pastries, donuts, muffins and the like), pre-packaged grab-and-go sandwiches and desserts (pastries, the aforementioned waffles and gelato). I especially appreciate that in addition to your regular-sized sandwiches, they offer smaller portions (at smaller prices) for those days when you’ve eaten a good breakfast or plan to over-indulge at dinner. Price-wise, this spot is comparable to the green giant, with specialty coffee drinks ranging from $3-$6.

If your job is the kind that affords you the luxury to work outside of Midtown office buildings — like freelancers, writers, etc. — this comfortable outpost might be just the spot you need to be productive for a several hours.

Caffe Bene, 1605 Broadway (between 48th St & 49th St)

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  • i wouldnt say the waffle is overpriced, if you’re comparing it to like, the Wafels & Dinges. A waffle with that many toppings will run you $7-$8, depending on if you use the password or not!

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