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Brick Lane Curry Expands; Adds New “Lunch Box To Go

If you’re as big a fan of Brick Lane Curry House as I am, you’ll be excited to hear that they’ve not only recently expanded their Midtown location (on 53rd btw. 2+3rd), but they’ve also added a new Lunch Box To Go.  For $11.99 you get to choose one of their 5 curries (Tikka Masala, Madras, Bhuna, Vindaloo and Goan), plus an app, soup, veg of the day, naan and dessert. They’ve had an eat in lunch special for awhile, but the Lunch Box To Go is more food and is available for take out or delivery.

Brick Lane Curry House, 235 E 53rd St # 1. 212-339-8353

Brits Love Brick Lane Curry; Indians Not So Much

Seeing as how half my wife’s family is from Birmingham (England) I have come to learn about the phenomenom that is balti.  I always thought it just tasted like a dumbed down version of Indian food invented for the white man’s palate (think: chicken tikka masala), but apparently it’s a Pakistani food that was brought to England and adapted for the white man’s palate. Who knew? I still haven’t been to Brick Lane Curry House (on 53rd btw. 2+3rd), but according to one commenter, if balti is what you are looking for, this place is the way to go.  (I guess this should have been obvious to me, with a name like “Brick Lane” but it wasn’t.  So shaddup!)

“For what it’s worth, what I like about Brick Lane has nothing to do with how spicy they make their vindaloo (and IMHO they are the only ones that make it the appropriate hotness in town)… They make it british style! In other words, you can plop down and get a delicious Chicken Balti! Who else in town makes a balti?? And before that have some onion baji. Do they sell pilau rice? I dunno. But if you’ve spend any time eating curry in England these guys are the real deal in my worthless opinion. Now I’ll have a guinness.”

Wondering how it stacks up when you put it in front of mixed crowd?  This office did the ultimate test, and Lunch’er Joe R filed this report:

“Never eaten from here before.  Just had a bad weekend and there were a number of us who needed to be in the office.  We ordered $350+ worth of takeout from here….about 12 people.  We put it all out so that anyone could take what they wanted. Among the diners, one person who sampled the food was from India.  The other person was a consultant from England.  Both went through the menu and had told us what to order.”

The verdict from both is after the jump.

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Brick Lane Curry Redux: The second location of Brick Lane Curry House, which opened over 4 months ago on 53rd btw. 2+3rd is just now hyping their official launch on Feburary 11th (?!?), which I believe is just code for "we've hired a PR firm to promote our newish location". Don't be fooled though, it's pretty much the same as it has been all these months, with only one real difference: apparently they have changed the name to Brick Lane Too.

Brick Lane Curry House & Good Health Burger Join the Midtown Lunch Fray

Photo courtesy of the Hungry Commuter

A lot of action lately on 53rd Street btw. 2+3rd Avenue, a small “out of bounds” block that I’ve covered a little bit in the past. Spoons, the tiny Korean/American take out deli closed up awhile back, and a second location of the East Village’s Brick Lane Curry house has opened in its place. The Hungry Commuter gets the first taste and reports that “the phaal isn’t as hot as the original. But give them some time. They just opened…” I’ve never been to the original Brick Lane Curry House in the East Village, which nobody will argue serves some of the hottest curry in NYC. Whether or not it actually tastes good, is a whole different argument.

But wait. There’s more…

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