Brick Lane Curry Redux

The second location of Brick Lane Curry House, which opened over 4 months ago on 53rd btw. 2+3rd is just now hyping their official launch on Feburary 11th (?!?), which I believe is just code for “we’ve hired a PR firm to promote our newish location”. Don’t be fooled though, it’s pretty much the same as it has been all these months, with only one real difference: apparently they have changed the name to Brick Lane Too.


  • There’s an awesome sausage and burger booth on the actual Brick Lane. The hot mulled wine + 2 sausages in a baguette is perfect.

  • Are they going to serve “the world’s hottest curry” at this location too?

    Zach, I think you should take the challenge if they do and put “Man vs. Food” in his place.

  • For what it’s worth, what I like about Brick Lane has nothing to do with how spicy they make their vindaloo (and IMHO they are the only ones that make it the appropriate hotness in town)…

    They make it british style! In other words, you can plop down and get a delicious Chicken Balti! Who else in town makes a balti?? And before that have some onion baji. Do they sell pilau rice? I dunno. But if you’ve spend any time eating curry in england these guys are the real deal in my worthless opinion. Now I’ll have a guinness.

  • My FWIW…Never eaten from here before. Just had a bad weekend and there were a number of us who needed to be in the office. We ordered $350+ worth of takeout from here….about 12 people. We put it all out so that anyone could take what they wanted.

    Among the diners, one person who sampled the food was from India. The other person was a consultant from England. Both went through the menu and had told us what to order.

    Verdict from both:

    Indian person said food was just okay – passable.

    British guy (who has been in Manhattan only a few months) says that it is the most authentic that he has found on this side of the pond so far.

    Both agreed that some of the sauces were a little thin, samosas were too oil soaked (maybe not hot enough grease?).

    They liked the Jalfrezi, Papadum, chicken tika masala, malay kofta.

    Some of the stuff on the menu was stuff that I’ve never heard of or seen on the menu at any other Indian place that I’ve been to. Then again, I’ve never been to England, so they must have their own style of cooking/dishes.

    Someone else here (non indian) wanted to order from Tadka, but their kitchen was closed between lunch and dinner.

  • i saw that “Man v. Food” episode and ended up going there for a friend’s birthday dinner the following week. we ordered several things and pretty much everything was very good except that it took an extremely long time for the food to come out. we did try the phaal as a side dish and it was awful. it tastes like chemical cleaner and even 10 minutes after you’ve swallowed, you can still feel where it was on your tongue. there was a guy that actually finished the whole thing and he did indeed get his certificate and free beer. he was sweating though and couldn’t even speak when we asked him how it was.

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