Brick Lane Curry House & Good Health Burger Join the Midtown Lunch Fray

Photo courtesy of the Hungry Commuter

A lot of action lately on 53rd Street btw. 2+3rd Avenue, a small “out of bounds” block that I’ve covered a little bit in the past. Spoons, the tiny Korean/American take out deli closed up awhile back, and a second location of the East Village’s Brick Lane Curry house has opened in its place. The Hungry Commuter gets the first taste and reports that “the phaal isn’t as hot as the original. But give them some time. They just opened…” I’ve never been to the original Brick Lane Curry House in the East Village, which nobody will argue serves some of the hottest curry in NYC. Whether or not it actually tastes good, is a whole different argument.

But wait. There’s more…

Good Health Burger

Lunch’er Anastasia casually mentioned the newly opened Good Health Burger in her profile last week, but sends along this extra info:

Good Health Burger is amazing vegetarian (and some non-vegetarian) food, that even my carnivore husband said was fantastic. Most of the options are under $10, and the burgers are large and come with warm tortilla chips and salsa. I recommend the Black Bean Bacon Burger. I know it’s vegan, but it’s SO good. I hate giving up this gem of a secret, but I want them to stay in business and I want the MidtownLunch readers to taste the magic. Oh, and the dairy- and egg-free desserts are out of this world.

Good to know… for vegetarians. Good any news or tips to share? Feel free to send them to

Brick Lane Curry House, 235 E 53rd St (btw. 2+3rd Ave)

Good Health Burger, 237 E 53rd St (btw. 2+3rd Ave), (212) 888-8007


  • a vegan burger? barf.

  • How’s the fish?

  • If the Black Bean Bacon Burger actually had Bacon and Burger in it, it could be pretty awesome.

  • Q: How many vegans does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: None, vegans can’t change anything.

  • All I’ve got to say is this:

    “For every animal you don’t eat, I’m going to eat 3!”

  • Going for a curry tomorrow night…at the ORIGINAL original Brick Lane curry house……well one of the 80 odd that are there!

    Enjoy the piss up later girls!!!

  • shut up haters. moving on. what kind of veggie bacon are we talking about here? fakin’ bacon? tempeh bacon?

  • Isn’t a bacon burger without actual bacon or a burger sort of defeating the purpose? And not to keep stirring vegan hate, but if it’s so bad to eat meat and animal by-products, why is there so much faux meat? It’s like drinking nonalcoholic beer!

  • I never understood the whole vegan take-this-crappy-tasting-substance-and-mold-it-in-to-the-shape-of-different-meats thing.

  • ohhh, yay for more east side choices! will definitely be hitting both these places soon. and as much as i enjoy my meat, that fake vegan stuff can be really tasty!

  • Defeating what purpose? YOUR purpose of what a vegan or vegetarian should believe in? People become vegan/vegetarian for different reasons. Some people like the taste of meat but don’t want to harm animals, some people do it for health reasons, some for religious reasons and some simply don’t like the taste of meat (in which case, faux meat would not appeal to them either). Whatever the reason, it’s a personal choice to live one’s life. Which is the least harmful choice and belief relatively, to the enviroment, society and themselves. So what’s the problem?

  • Apart from the holier-than thou/my shit don’t smell attitude?

    …oh and pasty complexion?

  • Yeah, step off already!

  • Q:How many militant vegan feminists does it take to change a light bulb?


  • I’m with ya Su…stop hatin’ on the vegs…I thought this site was about lunch places, not a place to pick on people’s food preferences…ugh!

  • Non-alcoholic beer??

    Speaking of… another shameless push to turn you all into gluttons and lushes:

    Happy Hour, TODAY, 5:30, Rudy’s Bar…. watch our fellow ML finance workers get tears in their beers. j/k

  • LOL, actually, it’s probably true that vegan/vegetarians’ shit probably don’t smell as much as people who eat a lot of meat. Don’t know about the pasty complexion. Can you walk down the street and tell who’s a vegetarian by their complexion?

    Tongue-in-cheek aside, adopting a hater attitude toward people with a different diet/lifestyle is probably just as bad as being a snotty vegan/vegetarian (and added to the fact that most vegan/vegetarians I know are not preachy or snotty). It’s pretty similar to people who hate others for having a different religion or being too religious.

  • …Done my Vegans/Mensturating joke.


  • wow for a moment there I thought A said, “stop hating on the vag.”

    where is my mind lately… must be all this cold medicine?

    As for the haterade… I’m going to drink some too. I just think it’s odd that people make these choices… then they fall back on what they knew growing up. What do they know? Vegan burgers? Clearly that’s a take on a beef burger, but with vegan friendly material. Seriously, if you love broccoli and turnips so much, go eat broccoli and turnips. Stop mish mashing things to make it look like something you’re used to eating. Then you’re just being picky.

    And why not the haterade? I love McDonald fries. Contrary to what locavores and the slow food movement ppl have to say… McDonald’s fries *heal my soul*. Do I care it’s genetically altered potatoes grown in Antarctica and shipped by diesel fuel? F U! It’s salty and tastes great! And I’ll take all the shit you want to give me for loving what I love.

    So all I gotta say to vegans is… just eat your food and take it. At the end of the day, we all eat what we like. What’s this with wanting other people to like the choices we make?! Make your choices and make peace with yourself. Have fun with your unclogged arteries and extra 5 yrs of life. Woopedity doo.

    Goddamn this Theraflu. I’m seeing things and writing rants in comments.

  • There appears to be a medical device of some type inserted into that curry. It may be a device used to measure harmful spore or viral counts. Perhaps it’s directed at protecting customers from the verpes virus.

    For those New Yorkers who do not have infectious herpes yet … it’s only a matter of time, I fear.

    At the very least, please make it your business to patronize places like this that perform rigorous testing of their food before serving it.

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