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Lunch’er “Jon” Reports: Ocha vs. Aoki

Ocha vs. Aoki

I’m constantly on the lookout for good sushi deals, which to me consists of three rolls for $10 (the ML price limit.) Aoki, on 48th btw. 7+8th, has always been my go-to spot, even though they raised the price to $11. The last time I posted about it, Lunch’er “nycfoodie” mentioned that he was a bigger fan of Ocha (on 46th btw. 8+9th). Well, Lunch’er “Jon” took that as a challenge, and hit up both places on the same day. Here is his report:

Once in a great while, a battle wages between two restaurants for supremacy of a combo. On this day, I hoped to crown a champion. After reading up on the Aoki three roll combo, then hearing that Ocha’s was better from someone else, I took my large appetite, my pre-work hour, and my notepad to hit both Ocha and Aoki back-to-back to hopefully settle the qualms on ML. First up, Ocha.

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How Do You Aoki? (Aka What’s Your Ideal 3 Roll Sushi Combo?)

Left is Mine, Right is Hers

I have slowly come to the realization that in the matter of sushi (as it pertains to Midtown Lunch’ing) I will never find the holy grail. In other words, you pretty much always get what you pay for… and it’s impossible to get a ton of sushi for less than $10, and also have it be edible. But if push comes to shove, my favorite spot is still Aoki (on 48th btw. 7+8th) even though they raised the price of their 3 roll lunch special from $10 to $11.  Tasty Eating is apparently a fan as well, and I couldn’t help but notice that her roll choice is a mirror image of my standard order:  eel and avocado, crunchy spicy tuna (don’t judge me), & shrimp tempura.  Great minds, I guess?  What’s your ideal three roll combo?

3 Quality Sushi Rolls for $10? Aoki Me!

Price Hikes: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

It’s been a month since I posted the Price Hike list, and not surprisingly a lot more places have raised their prices… but a few haven’t.  Let’s start with some good news…

Aoki, Midtown NYC

In a total shock, the 3 rolls for $10 takeout sushi deal is still available at Aoki on 48th btw. 7+8th.  I thought for sure when I wrote about this in April they would pull a Del Frisco’s but, in a delightful surprise, the best sushi deal in Midtown is still available.  Just remember, you have to take it to go.  It’s $11 for 3 rolls if you sit in the restaurant.  2+ months and counting…

Kwik Gourmet, 5th Ave, Prices
Photograph by nycblondieandbrownie

Now the bad… plenty of places have raised their prices recently, but it’s always more upsetting when it happens at a Midtown Lunch standby.  All three Kwik Meal carts have tacked 50 cents on to most of their items.  The falafel on pita is already on the small side, and for $4.50 I’ll have to think twice about buying two (a standard Kwik Meal order.)

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3 Quality Sushi Rolls for $10? Aoki Me!

**************The Price of This Lunch Has Gone Up to $11******************

The search for good (but cheap) sushi in Midtown has been an arduous one. Good is not really the issue, since there is plenty of amazing Japanese food in Midtown. Good and cheap is a different story. Try for under $10, and you’re in a danger zone, where better quality is tempered with smaller portions- and cheapness leaves you wondering about exactly what it is you’re eating. There are a few mediocre take out choices (Naruto or Midtown delis), but I think if quality is your main concern, then the sit down restaurants, where the sushi is made to order, is the way to go.

Most of the mid range places in Midtown have a lunch deal where you can usually get two rolls with a soup or salad for under $10. Taki (on 48th btw. 5+6th), and Kikku (on 55th btw. 5+6th) are two pretty popular choices, but two rolls for lunch always leaves me wanting, both for quantity and variety. Give me 3 rolls for $10, and now we’re talking. For months now, two of my co-workers have been extolling the virtues of Aoki, a sit down sushi place (on 48th btw. B’way+8th), with the holy grail of sushi lunch specials. My craving for quality sushi overtook my usual reluctance to get lunch from a place where you have to order from a waitress, or take the food to go… but 3 rolls for $10 will do crazy things to a man.

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