How Do You Aoki? (Aka What’s Your Ideal 3 Roll Sushi Combo?)

Left is Mine, Right is Hers

I have slowly come to the realization that in the matter of sushi (as it pertains to Midtown Lunch’ing) I will never find the holy grail. In other words, you pretty much always get what you pay for… and it’s impossible to get a ton of sushi for less than $10, and also have it be edible. But if push comes to shove, my favorite spot is still Aoki (on 48th btw. 7+8th) even though they raised the price of their 3 roll lunch special from $10 to $11.  Tasty Eating is apparently a fan as well, and I couldn’t help but notice that her roll choice is a mirror image of my standard order:  eel and avocado, crunchy spicy tuna (don’t judge me), & shrimp tempura.  Great minds, I guess?  What’s your ideal three roll combo?

3 Quality Sushi Rolls for $10? Aoki Me!


  • Spicy salmon roll. I would go with the eel & avocao and crunchy spicy tuna too. Why knock it since I’m not a bigtime sashimi/ sushi eater anyway? Better than a california roll…

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    Aoki! When push comes to shove if you do the threeper, one of them has to be the shrimp tempura, thems the rules. Or, go with a friend and split a twofer and a threeper — that’s a finsky in total — for maximum variety without flying above the ML hard-deck. Of course, one of those rolls has to be the shrimp tempura roll.

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    Fusha on 58th and 1st have a great deal for a sushi lunch (yes I know its outside of the Midtown zone but its soo good) for $9. You get 2 large rolls-a large salad and large soup AND choice of egg rolls or steamed dumplings (2). The sushi is very fresh. Think I might need to have it again today….

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    perfect timing on this post, im about to order sushi in a few minutes! i would love an idea for a third roll but my main 2 are eel avocao and spicy (maybe crunchy too) tuna as well, and i switch out the last one until i find something i really like as much as the other two

    tried yellowtail, white tuna (too much like regular tuna), grilled chicken, salmon, philidelphia and a few others that weren’t tastey enough to remember but nothing measures up so far… and i cant eat crab or shrimp because of food allergies :-(

  • Aoki by armbar with avacado, flying triangle and spicy tuna, gogoplata and soft shell crab. Easy.

  • Cali roll, spicy tuna and spicy salmon. I used to eat here 2-3 times a week before turned me onto the joys of street meat.

  • Eel avocade, yellowtail scallion and depending on the day salmon skin or shrimp tempura….has anyone tried the rock shrimp roll?

  • My god, who would ever order a California roll if they had other options? That’s the restaurant’s cost-saving default roll. The other choices here sound tasty–I’d do the tempura, eel-avocado, and probably a spicy roll.

    If you like eel (and other stuff), you have to0 check out Funayama in the village–AYCE M/Th for $23. One of their awesome eel-avocado handrolls has more tasty eel and avocado in it than three of these ‘regular’ rolls. The other sushi is great too, esp. the scallop and tomago (egg). They also have a shrimp tempura roll–the handroll version is great. Handrolls rock.

  • Eel avocado, spider roll (if they have that, if not crunchy spicy salmon or crunchy tuna roll), and salmon and avo roll.

    I’ve had shrimp tempura but not in a roll, I could totally do that!

  • I like a California roll if it’s real crab. I always ask beforehand, most of the time they admit it’s imitation so I pass. I do love real crab though, mummmm makes me hungry! Crispy salmon skin roll is good but I feel like it needs more substance, nevertheless the crunchiness and fattiness of it is amazing.

  • Who makes california roll with real crab?
    The high-end places usually don’t serve california roll or would laugh at the notion…

  • I get the Cali roll so i’ll at least have a little bit of vegetables. My mother would be proud. :)

  • I’ve been to the average 2 rolls and soup w/salad for around $10 places that have real crab. Again, I have to ask first if I’m in the mood for that. Last time I had it was a year ago at some place on the UWS.. can’t remember the name unfortunately. But if anyone is really interested I can ask my friend what the name is -she works up there.

  • tried Aoki after a recommendation by a coworker… still stand by OCHA’s 3 roll combo. Their shrimp tempura roll is sooo darn good.

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    Crunchy Spicy Salmon Roll; Dragon Roll (Eel and shrimp tempura); Yellowtail/Scallion Roll.

  • Dragon roll!?! I need I need some of that stat!

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