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New Chain Va Presto Pasta Bar to take over Satya space

New signage at the old Satya space proclaims Va Presto -Something-  is moving in. Anyone want to buy a vowel? “Go Quickly _____” in Italian sounds like an ominous name for a space vacated so quickly by the previous tenant. A permit posted on their 8th Avenue door gives some clues. Apparently we’re getting a pasta bar with alcohol (yay!) being opened by the Scottos, a family with a group of expensive (boo!) Italian restaurants throughout Long Island. Sorry, this carless New Yorker can’t say she’s been to any.

But wait… there’s more.

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Spice Fusion is Still the Best Indian Buffet in Midtown (Even Though It’s $11)

Spice Fusion, Midtown NYC

Spice Fusion (the Indian buffet on 8th Ave. btw. 47+48th) used to have a big blow up of the Midtown Lunch post hanging in front of their restaurant. Not anymore. It probably has to do with the headline, where I claimed that Spice Fusion had perfected the “Under $10 Indian All You Can Eat Buffet”. Like most of the Indian buffets in Midtown, Spice Fusion raised their price at the beginning of the year. But is it worth the extra buck? (As you know, I will break my $10 rule for all you can eat buffets.)

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99 Cent Pizza is Back at Z Deli


In an unprecendented, never seen before in the history of Midtown Lunch (which is only a little over two years, but whatever), a restaurant has actually *lowered* the price on one of their items!  Z Deli, which put itself on the Midtown Lunch map last year by selling 99 cent pizza, raised their price to $1.50 in May- landing them on the M.L. Price Hike List.  In a complete reversal, they have reverted back to the 99 Cent price.  (Thanks to commenter Seiki for pointing out the change.) I’m guessing that nobody was buying the pizza at its new increased price, and they were forced to go back to the 99 cents.  (Better to sell pizza and make a tiny bit of money, than sell no pizza at all.)  Score one for the cheapos!  Now if we could only get  Del Frisco’s to reverse the steak tips increase…

The $9.99 All You Can Eat Buffet Takes Two More Steps To Becoming Extinct in Midtown

Al Baraka, Midtown’s best only Turkish buffet, is now Kanaat Turkish Restaurant.  The chef, food and lunch buffet are exactly the same, but it is now $10.95 (up from $9.95 before).  The lamb shanks are still on the buffet, so it’s worth the extra buck, but the current trend of lunchtime price increases worries me that soon all buffets will need special exemptions to be included in the Midtown Lunch’ing price range.

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Spice Fusion Perfects the Under $10 Indian All You Can Eat Buffet

***Update: Since this post was written, the price of this Buffet has gone up to $10.95***

One thing I’ve discovered since starting Midtown Lunch is that most of the time you get what you pay for.  Go to an Indian buffet that’s $9.95 and the quality of the food is not going to be as good as the $14.95 buffet.  Rangole (on 46th btw. 5+6th) was the best deal ever at $8.95, but the quality was a little lacking, and the atmosphere left a little to be desired.  And yet, I love the all you can eat buffets, so I was happy the place was there when I needed my fix.

When Rangole closed, I was forced to look south to Curry Dream on 38th btw. 5+6th.  $1 more than Rangole, it still suffers from many of the same problems.  Good, but not great, clean, but not really… and still, I am just happy it’s there.  (Fat man likey buffet.)  I could pay $10.95 for Sukhadia or even more for one of the expensive Indian Buffets in Midtown (there are plenty, like Utsav), but it is against the under $10 Midtown Lunch rule (read: I’m a cheap bastard, and will sacrifice quality for price).

With the opening of Spice Fusion on 8th Ave. btw. 47+48th, all of my Indian food prayers have been answered.  Not only is the buffet only $9.95, they have take out boxes for $6.95 and the food is not only good, it is borderline great!

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