Spice Fusion is Still the Best Indian Buffet in Midtown (Even Though It’s $11)

Spice Fusion, Midtown NYC

Spice Fusion (the Indian buffet on 8th Ave. btw. 47+48th) used to have a big blow up of the Midtown Lunch post hanging in front of their restaurant. Not anymore. It probably has to do with the headline, where I claimed that Spice Fusion had perfected the “Under $10 Indian All You Can Eat Buffet”. Like most of the Indian buffets in Midtown, Spice Fusion raised their price at the beginning of the year. But is it worth the extra buck? (As you know, I will break my $10 rule for all you can eat buffets.)

I used this silly reasoning as an excuse decided to buffet it up on Friday to “check it out”. 


Still good, and completely worth the $11. Main reasons (aside from the fact that the food is good):

1. They bring freshly baked naan to your table from the back, rather than letting it sit out on the buffet. (It also has a nice butter/ghee sheen.)
2. They have 2 different lamb dishes! In these tough times, many buffets will cut back on their meat offerings, and usually lamb is the first to go. On the day we were there, Spice Fusion had two different lamb dishes- a shish kebab/ground lamb kind of thing (that was delicious) and a stewed lamb (which was melt in your mouth tender)
3. Dessert is always good (and warm!)

I’ve never been able to bring myself to shell out the $17+ that some of the nicer buffets charge in Midtown… but I can’t imagine they are much better than Spice Fusion.


  • That photo is making me hungry.

    My cousin made lamb curry and pulao this weekend and I got to bring home leftovers for FREE. Yum. Is it dinner time yet?

  • Yep, Spice Fusion is amazing, its all about the fresh naan

  • The last two times that I went to Spice Fusion for take out, they gave me naan that tasted like it was reheated (tough and very chewy) or cold. I should dine in, but I don’t eat that much so $11 is not a deal for me.

  • I just went there today and got a to go box at 1PM. I actually had to wait for them to finish making another batch of Naan, so it was both hot and fresh. The eggplant was pretty good too.

  • Do they have Saag Paneer?
    I find a lot of places don’t want to give to the cheesy stuff because it’s pricey

  • At lunch today they had Saag Aloo and Paneer with peas, but not Saag Paneer or Palak Paneer. It was similar to the paneer shown in Zach’s pic, but no tomatoes.

  • Also, if you can live with 1 meat + 2 vegetable + rice + naan, I would recommend just getting the to go box for $7.50 after tax. They give you a pretty huge amount of food.

  • tried them, just loved the service….amazing….they take very good care of you even though its just a buffet

  • Had the Pre-fix pre theatre meal last week, and it was very good. The only thing I requested they didn’t have was a choice of Indian wine on the menue. This place is definately on my list next time we go back

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