99 Cent Pizza is Back at Z Deli


In an unprecendented, never seen before in the history of Midtown Lunch (which is only a little over two years, but whatever), a restaurant has actually *lowered* the price on one of their items!  Z Deli, which put itself on the Midtown Lunch map last year by selling 99 cent pizza, raised their price to $1.50 in May- landing them on the M.L. Price Hike List.  In a complete reversal, they have reverted back to the 99 Cent price.  (Thanks to commenter Seiki for pointing out the change.) I’m guessing that nobody was buying the pizza at its new increased price, and they were forced to go back to the 99 cents.  (Better to sell pizza and make a tiny bit of money, than sell no pizza at all.)  Score one for the cheapos!  Now if we could only get  Del Frisco’s to reverse the steak tips increase…


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