Simits are Taking Over Midtown with the Opening of Simit + Smith

No Pumpernickel??

It seems that lower Midtown west is turning into simit central. Mmm… Enfes has been selling the Turkish bagels at their storefront on 39th Street for over a year. Earlier this month, we told you about a new simit company opening soon a few blocks away on Fifth Avenue and 38th Street. Well, yesterday marked the opening day of a third simit shop in a two block radius. Simit + Smith has had stores across Manhattan for a while, but now brings major competition with their fourth location (and first Midtown outing) at 1400 Broadway (on 38th Street, between Broadway and 6th Ave).

Andrea was a big fan of their turkey sandwich downtown. This new location will also feature breakfast options, simit sandwiches, paninis, and salads. I suppose since we have bagel shops on every corner, we may as well have simit shops on every corner too. But, for now, if you’re a lover of crisper, lighter bagels, make your way to the west 30′s.

Simit + Smith, 1400 Broadway (on 38th Street, btw Bway and 7th)


  • I stopped at Simit + Smith today after reading this post. 12:30 and the place was a ghost town — it clearly hasn’t caught on yet. I had a spinach pie, which was only OK. I liked the flavor of the filling, but there wasn’t enough of it. Also, the pastry was cold and sort of limp, rather than warm, flaky, and crisp like a good spinach pie. It might have been better heated up although they did not offer that.

    I thought their simits looked good, especially for fans of sesame seeds, which I am. All of their sandwiches and salads are under the ML limit. I’d probably go back (although I’d get something else).

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    Is it between Broadway and 6th or 7th (it says both in the post)?

  • B’way and 6th

  • Went there today on the way to work. I got a simit with cheese and tomato. The simit reminded me of the crust on that really good bread at Latona’s in Garfield that rips the roof of your mouth open. And yes, it was pretty empty

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