Turkish Bagel Company Simit Sarayi Coming Soon to Fifth Avenue


A Turkish chain called Simit Sarayi already has a big sign on Fifth Avenue (between 38th and 39th Street) announcing their arrival. No word yet on exactly when they will open, but it looks like they are pretty close.

As the name suggests, they’ll serve up simits, which are basically Turkish-style bagels – much thinner and crisper than the NYC dough bombs. Great for sandwiches. You can already get them at Mmm… Enfes a few blocks away, but now those on the east side won’t have to cross Fifth Avenue. According to the menus from their Turkey locations, we can also expect baked goods and meals like Turkish ravioli and grilled meatballs.

Simit Sarayi, 435 Fifth Avenue New York NY


  • OMG I LOVE SIMIT and I actually WENT to Simit Sarayi when I was in Turkey and lurrrrrrrrrved their version! Way too far from me for lunch but this is awesome news. Thanks Brian!

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    They had a branch in the fidi briefly last year. Simits were delicious, kinda like thin flattened sesame bagels, but less chewy. Sadly that branch closed very quickly, within a month or two. Was never clear why.

  • Lets not get crazy folks…

    Flagels .. available at Fairway for a pittance

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    Apparently they are opening next week. Tuesday Nov 2 was mentioned.

    Take a look at the menu: http://www.simitsarayi.com/en_US

  • I was there this morning. Delicious and varied menu. I’d say they’re the Turkish version of Panera, yet much better. This will probably be my new morning place to go for breakfast, and possibly be my go-to lunch place with flatbread pizzas, simit burgers, sandwiches, salads, and stuffed simit (like bagel) things. Their version of a Knish also looks to die for.
    (Plus the coffee is good and inexpensive ($1.49 for 12 oz coffee)

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