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Mmm… Enfes is So Good it Warranted a 2nd Visit

I missed out on Mmm… Enfes the last couple of years when it spawned up out of the Bryant Park Holiday Market. When we got word from a loyal Twitter follower of their brick & mortar operation starting up on 39th, Brownie gave it a drop-in to share the good news. Limited in the Turkish pastry offerings from the otherwise wonderful Lezzette next to my office and Troy Turkish Grill a few blocks up 9th, the clinical term for getting a chance to review Mmm… Enfes’ Homer Simpson-named offerings is known commonly as “psyched as hell.” Last week Brownie gave us the details on their dolmas, lentil soup, lentil balls, and a big ol’ spread of gozleme, but I wanted to bulk up on burek. Let’s go see what we can gobble at this new Turkish outpost.
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Our First Taste of the Mmm…Enfes New Storefront

Pastry cases at Mmm Enfes

Last week we brought you the news that the popular Turkish food Bryant Park (and Columbus Circle) holiday market kiosk Mmm…Enfes had opened a brick and mortar on 39th street. Over the years I’ve had a chance to sample a few of Mmm…Enfes’ specialties like their buttery gözleme. With the storefront they’ve had the opportunity to expand their menu so naturally I was eager to check it out. Read more »

Mmm…Enfes Opens a Brick and Mortar on 39th Street


Fans of the Bryant Park Holiday market pop up Mmm…Enfes rejoice! The owners of the popular seasonal kiosk have opened a small storefront just off the SE corner of 39th and 6th Avenue where they sell savory and sweet Turkish pastries from including bourek, gul bourek, baklava, and gözleme, a traditional Turkish hand rolled pastry along with other lunch time options. Look for the full ML treatment on Monday, in the meantime, earlier adopters, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Mmm…Enfes 70 West 39th Street , New York, New York 10018