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Our First Taste of Simit Sarayi’s Simit Burger


As a general rule, I don’t eat from chain restaurants in this country. Even on a road trip, I’ll drive miles out of my way to find something cheap, local, and without a recognizable logo. But when a foreign chain comes to these shores, I’m more than interested to try it out.

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Turkish Bagel Company Simit Sarayi Coming Soon to Fifth Avenue


A Turkish chain called Simit Sarayi already has a big sign on Fifth Avenue (between 38th and 39th Street) announcing their arrival. No word yet on exactly when they will open, but it looks like they are pretty close.

As the name suggests, they’ll serve up simits, which are basically Turkish-style bagels – much thinner and crisper than the NYC dough bombs. Great for sandwiches. You can already get them at Mmm… Enfes a few blocks away, but now those on the east side won’t have to cross Fifth Avenue. According to the menus from their Turkey locations, we can also expect baked goods and meals like Turkish ravioli and grilled meatballs.

Simit Sarayi, 435 Fifth Avenue New York NY