First Look: An Exemplary Turkey Sandwich At Simit + Smith

It’s not often you get a glowing e-mail about a turkey sandwich. That was the case last week when Lunch’er Chris wrote in to say that he had checked out the new location of Simit + Smith on Worth St. (btw. Broadway & Lafayette), and had a “phenomenal” turkey sandwich. A great turkey sandwich at a place specializing in the bagel-like Turkish simit? This needed an investigation!

You can either buy a simit, in white, whole wheat or multigrain, with traditional toppings like peanut butter and jam or cream cheese, or  you can get a dipping sauce. If you order a sandwich, it comes on a loaf version of the simit covered in sesame seeds. The sandwich selection is strong and includes several vegetarian options like ricotta, dried fig, walnut and honey, black olive spread and aged kasseri cheese or egg salad, or you can get ones with smoked salmon, roast beef, chicken or turkey.

I, of course, ordered the sandwich with turkey, provolone, guacamole, roasted red pepper and arugula ($6.99). It wasn’t a huge sandwich, but was a size that left me satisfied but not in a food coma. I’ve paid more for less sandwich at other places, so I felt the price was good.

The turkey in here was so good! It was of higher quality than you find at most sandwich places that use Boar’s Head and they were generous with it too. Throw on a couple of slices of provolone, a layer of red pepper and some arugula and top it with guac? Delicious. My only wish was that there was a thicker layer of the avocado goodness, but that’s a small complaint.

I know turkey sandwiches get a bad rap, but this one threw enough curve balls to be interesting and tasty.

Simit + Smith, 111 Worth St. (btw. B’way & Lafayette), (212) 374-1224


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