El Rey Del Sabor Experiments with Rebranding and Cheesesteaks

A few weeks ago, I noticed a new cart, New York Philly Cheese Steak, on the corner of 49th and Park. Thanks to a tip from Luncher Aarle, we now know that this cart was actually just a rebranded El Rey Del Sabor. Along with an updated name and look, the cart added cheesesteaks to its menu, initially priced at $8, but then later revised to $6.50.

Sadly, the rebranding and the new menu must not have been pulling in business like the owners had hoped. Walking by the cart now, it looks as though they’ve switched back to their old name and have scrapped cheesesteaks from the menu entirely. This news is actually pretty upsetting to me because it just so happens that the cheesesteak I ordered last week was excellent.

Now, I’ve had my share of cart cheesesteaks and this was easily the best. I got chicken with provolone, onion, lettuce, tomato, green peppers, and hot sauce. The bread was fresh and toasty and the cheese was all hot and melty. The ratio of meat to other ingredients was ideal – big, juicy chunks of greasy chicken, mmm. Other carts tend to skimp on meat and veggies with their cheesesteaks, but not here. I got lots of real green peppers, lettuce, and tomato. I’m telling you, for the price, this was a GOOD cheesesteak.

Ok, you may be wondering why I’m spending the time to write up a sandwich that can no longer be purchased… Well, earlier this week, I asked the guys running the cart if they’re giving up on cheesesteaks forever. I explained that I thought my sandwich was totally great and that I’d be upset to see it permanently removed from the menu. They happened to agree with me on the quality of the cheesesteaks and said they may be trying them out again next week.

So, Midtown Lunchers, if the images above appeal to you at all, I urge you to visit El Rey Del Sabor / New York Philly Cheese Steak and ask for a steak sandwich. For $6.50, the size of and quality of this meal is a total steal and it’d be an absolute shame to let this opportunity go to waste.

El Rey del Sabor/New York Philly Cheese Steak, 49th & Park


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