Break Your New Year’s Resolution At Steak ‘N Shake

At the top of the year, this post went up about a really great salad from Mexicue, but I have to be honest, that day, I totally went out for a burger. At Steak ‘N Shake. And not for one second did I make any 2013 resolutions, much less ones about food. Also, as an aside, I have been curious, now that Steak ‘N Shake has been open for a year, would they start raising prices? Answer: So far so good … although I totally have my eye on you, so don’t screw it up!

I went with the grilled portobello ‘n swiss burger and fries $4.99, which in my head looked something like Shake Shack‘s ‘shroom burger, but in reality wasn’t. Probably because I didn’t read the menu correctly. But it was a really good, greasy, hangover-cure sort of burger, lacking any freshness like lettuce or tomato.

While the Frisco Melt might still be Steak ‘N Shake’s best burger, the grilled portobello ‘n swiss is a pretty great way to break your New Year’s resolution, if you do that kind of thing.

Steak ‘N Shake, 1695 Broadway btw 53+54, 212-247-6584


  • The Signature combo went up a dollar back in July (not sure if that was ever reported). Used to be $5.99 and is now $6.99 (or $6.52 and $7.61 respectively, with tax).

  • My free burger, fries, and shakes coupon book has sadly come to an end. The free burgers for a year was amazing.

    MY first time, I was annoyed how salty the burger was. It kinda grew on me. I still think it is a bit too salty, but definitely a great burger. I am going to miss the weekly trip there.

    Thanks Steak n Shake!

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    burgers are salty because all burgers are seasoned on grill with savory seasoning.

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