Is Steak ‘N Shake’s Frisco Melt Its Saving Grace?

I haven’t been to Steak ‘N Shake since my original trip back in January, when I waiting on line in the freezing cold. Now, six months later, it seemed like right right time to revisit the burger chain to check in on the lunch lines and to try the one menu item I’ve been eyeing: the Frisco Melt.

The Frisco Melt is described as: two steakburgers with American and Swiss cheeses, on buttery, grilled sourdough with sweet ’n tangy Frisco sauce.

The sourdough was buttery on the outside and toasted nicely. Although it’s hard to see the layers, there are, in fact, 2 patties in there layered with the cheese and Frisco sauce, which tastes like a mixture of ketchup and mayo but a little internet research tells me it also includes thousand island dressing.

I really enjoyed the patty melt, and this sandwich does give me a reason to trek uptown to Steak ‘N Shake instead of going to the many burger joints closer to my office (Shake Shack, Schnipper’s and now Five Guys). I’m still not convinced Steak ‘N Shake is worth the wait — nope, the lines aren’t any shorter now than they were in January — when most of their menu is standard issue. But for a Frisco Melt, I’d consider it.

Steak ‘N Shake, 1695 Broadway btw 53+54, 212-247-6584



  • The Frisco Melt is by far the best (because of the buttery toasty sourdough). I also really like the Portabello ‘N Swiss as well…the extra mushrooms make it really filling (and there is some heat in there somehow)

    Since I live half a block away, S’nS is an all too common feature in my life. No, it isnt as good as the others you mentioned…but for the ridiculously cheap price, I think its worth it. And outside of M-F lunch, there is hardly ever a line.

  • Rachel, you were right about the sauce. It actually is a mixture of ketchup and mayo. The only extra thing thousand island dressing adds, is relish (or pickle).

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    Went last week around 1pm. Line was not bad and i got a seat to eat.
    I gotta say the burger is on par with shake shack and for the price of a burger, fries and a shake at $7 a much better deal. I was surprised that the toppings( lettuce, tomato, ect.) was so fresh.

  • nice post Rachel- heading there now to check this baby out!

  • “nope, the lines aren’t any shorter now than they were in January”

    what? i eat here about once a week. the lines are NO WHERE NEAR what they were in January. I never have to wait outside anymore- which is considerably shorter when since it used to snake 2-3 layers deep.

    • Well, at 1p on a summer Friday, the line was snaked 2 layers deep outside (see growing crowd in pic above), and I definitely I waited over 30 minutes, total. I guess I was unlucky on the day I went, huh?

      Glad to hear the lines are not usually so bad!

      • yes, unlucky day. went last friday (and yesterday, for that matter). No line, inside or out, on Friday. about 3 people in line to order yesterday.

  • Should now also mention that the price of The Signature has gone up $1, to $6.99 from $5.99. Bummer.

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    For those of us who think that the fries are too salty, you can get the fries (and burger) with no salt.

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