Don’t Hate Me, But Mexicue Does A Great Salad Bowl

I know, I know. Just hear me out. Mexicue made a triumphant return to 45th and 6th ave the other day, and I hadn’t eaten there in so long that the menu structure had completely changed. Taking a page from Korilla‘s book with its assembly line structure, Mexicue now offers salad bowls in addition to rice bowls, burritos, tacos and sliders. And let me tell you, if all salads were like salads from Mexicue, I would totally eat salad more often than I do.

So how did I end up ordering salad, when all the other options sound so amazing? With all the eating and drinking at the zillion holiday parties last month, I said to myself, “Self, even though you’ll get crucified if the ML readers find out, you should really, really eat some salad.” So, I did. I ordered mine with this amazing smokey bbq chicken, onions, slaw, crispy strips (or, tortillas, to the rest of us) and the spicy lime vinaigrette for $9.25.

First of all, eat with your eyes. This plate was gorgeous, which is not a word I’d often use to describe my street meat lunch. Because that’s kind of what this is, at the end of the day: street meat disguised as a salad. The flavors were all spot on, and it hit all the right lunching sweet spots without weighing me down all day. I mean, it was a very satisfying portion of smokey dark meat chicken, onions and slaw added a nice savory element, the crispy strips added texture. Seriously, if all salads were like this one, I would totally and unabashedly eat salad more often. So, Midtown Lunchers, when you’re futilely attempting that New Years resolution to “be healthy” this January, this is a salad you’ll want on your side.

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