Bob & Jo Truck Updates Menu, Adds Ramen

While I was out of the country, it seems Korean fusion truck Bob & Jo updated their menu for winter, carrying over rice platters and bibimbap from the former menu, but replacing the baguette options with ramen! I really enjoyed their spicy chicken baguette back in the day, but if I could, I would eat soupy noodles every lunch of the winter! Score.

The new menu offers ramen in several varieties and spice levels, all for $8. Beef ramen gets no spicy peppers next to it, while seafood ramen has one spicy pepper, pork ramen has two and chicken ramen has three spicy peppers, so I suppose you can use that as a guide for protein vs spice. On the new menu “Bob recommends” the beef ramen, while “Jo recommends” the Galbi rice platter ($9). And, they’re offering $10 ramen and dumpling combo specials, which adds 3 of their dumplings to any ramen order.

I didn’t like the math on just 3 dumplings for the extra $2 (although that’s a MUCH better deal than Rickshaw’s 3 dumplings for $3.75), so I chose the recommended beef ramen, which is described as Bobjo special soup base with ramen noodles, carrots, bean sprouts, water cress, hard boiled egg, scallion, shitake mushrooms and bulgogi marinated ribeye steak.

I had to travel 2.5 blocks from where the truck was parked back to my office, which meant everything sat in the soup for a bit while I did my best “get outta my way, tourists!” New Yorker walk through Times Square, but I was happy to find that neither the noodles nor the vegetables suffered much in transit. However, if your walk back to the office is longer, be aware that your noodles may become softer than your liking. My soup had bamboo shoots instead of the mushrooms, and they added kelp and cabbage in there as well, but menu discrepancies aside, this was a very satisfying meal on a wintry day. Despite the lack of spicy peppers indicated on the menu, flecks of red pepper were visible in the broth, and the soup did pack a small amount of heat that built up as I ate.

Bob & Jo usually hits Midtown at least a couple times per week, so you’ll want to check their twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out.

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