Midtown Slowly Creeping Back to Life After Sandy

Greetings from Midtown! I actually made it into work today, walking from the UES down to Midtown. Didn’t see any carts yet all the way down 6th Ave., not even coffee carts, until I reached 46th where Kim’s Aunt Cart is parked on 46th street, but on the opposite side of the street from their normal spot. Eddie’s Pizza Truck is also parked on 46th, and Park Italian is open (but the Pret next door is not). In Times Sq. the Nuchas Kiosk is back open in its regular spot, and Snack Box is open too but has moved south closer to the Rickshaw Kiosk. And, the Starbucks on 53rd & 6th is open but has a massive line down out the door.

On the Twitter… Glaze Teriyaki let us know that they’re open in Midtown today with limited delivery (but still closed in Union Sq., naturally), as is Minar, the Potbelly on 36th & 7th, and the Shake Shack on 8th Ave. And according to this Ma Peche, PJ Clarke’s, 5 Napkin Burger, and Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen are all open. Are you back at work today? Feel free to let us know about any other notable openings in the comments.


  • Main Noodle House on 6th Ave was open YESTERDAY (and hoppin’!) and must surely be today as well.

    The 30s are in bad spot with power though, so if people find open places near/below the bottom of ML boundaries, please indicate in the comments here!

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    Certe’ 20 west 55th Street is OPEN
    Pizza by Certe’ 132 East 56th Street is OPEN

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    The 46th St 2 Bros is open. There was no one on line at Eddie’s as of about 20 mins ago.

  • Maoz on 40th & 7th is open, as are Hale & Hearty, Guy & Gallard and Boi Noodle on 40th btwn 7th & 8th.

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    Hey, I know some carts and restaurants were just opening up again today in midtown, but I have friends in the West Village that says food trucks with bagels, coffee, hot food would be VERY welcome downtown since many folks there still do not have any electricity!
    Is there any way to help get the word out to the larger food trucks, if they are back up and operating?

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    I saw the Wafel & Dinges truck on 47th between Park and Vanderbilt

  • A large fraction of the Midtown carts are in place today, judging from a stroll around the low West 50s-high 40s. It’s a matter of getting the carts (and trucks) over an East River crossing, which sometimes means picking up an extra person currently.

  • hey, thats my building. too bad i’m working from home…i think.

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