Eddie’s Pizza Truck Makes its Way to Midtown on Fridays

For anyone who’s a fan of Eddie’s Pizza Truck, I wanted to send out a reminder that they’ll be in Midtown by the New York Public Library on 40th and 5th on Fridays, coinciding with the library’s new Lunch Hour NYC exhibit. I’ve worked in Midtown since April, and I had never seen the truck around. According to their website, they’re mostly hanging out downtown or in the Upper West Side these days, but they usually make it to Midtown on 46th between 5th and 6th on Wednesdays. Last week, I took my break to check out the exhibit, which has a lineup of food trucks outside that rotate daily as part of the experience. I hit them up since I’d never gotten a chance to try their “bar pies” before.

To keep it under our sacred $10 limit, you can either order a 10-inch personal pie either from their speciality menu ranging from margherita at $8.50 to white or WTS (a white pizza with ricotta, tomato, spinach, and mozzarella) at $9.50, or you can build your own specialty pizza. Speciality pizzas start at $7.50 and you can add a vegetable for $1.00 and a meat for $2.00. You can get a better idea of the truck menu sans glare by going to their website.

I was in an olive mood, so I ordered a margherita with olives. I wouldn’t call it perfect, but it was damn good. As other ML bloggers have noted, the pizza crust is ultra-thin. Thinner than any pizza I’ve ever tried. The sauce was tangy and tomato-ey, but used very sparingly. The cheese was great and they used lots of it, the sliced tomatoes were flavorful, and the basil added a nice, fresh touch. I was hoping the olives wouldn’t be the canned kind, but they were. I guess you can’t have it all.

But my main gripe here is that the while the paper-thin crust is sooooo good, I devoured it in about a minute and I was still hungry after I ate the pie. I really missed that heavy, dough-ball feeling in my stomach that pizza often provides. In fact, I’m sure I could easily eat a large Eddie’s pizza by myself. And even if I splurged on price and got a large, I just imagined myself walking back to my office with a large pie and everyone wanting a piece, and that would just be awkward.

If you want a little more food, they have a special from 11:00 – 3:00 which includes a one topping pie with a side of soup, salad, bread, or cookies for $10 bucks. This sounds like a deal. If you’d like to try Eddie’s, especially since the truck hasn’t been gracing us with its presence in Midtown as often as we would like, Fridays are now an option.


  • “I devoured it in about a minute and I was still hungry after I ate the pie.”

    I couldnt agree more. You’re better off going to Cafe Duke and getting one of their personal pizzas. They’re generous with their toppings, costs less, tastes good and leaves me darn full!

  • I’ll have to try Cafe Duke sometime soon. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • I had Eddie’s pizza a few times and was not impressed. It’s like hot cheese and tomato sauce on a cracker like base. I grew up in Brooklyn and I’d never seen a pizza made like that.

  • Don’t like these overpriced tiny assed cracker pizzas at all. So bland.

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