Bulgogi Beef Sandwich From Sarah’s Kitchen Is Messy

Sarah's Kitchen

When I found out that Sarah’s Kitchen was just another generic deli with generic looking steamed table food, I was quite disappointed. There’s already a deli on every corner and they pretty much serve the same food. Do we really need more in Midtown East? Apparently the owners of Sarah’s Kitchen think yes. Nevertheless, I was a bit curious as to what they got going on in there food wise. You never know, there might be hidden gems. After a quick walk around the place, nothing really jumped at me as a “must try” until I saw the bulgogi beef sandwich ($7.50) on the sandwich board. Heck, since I was there, and I do love bulgogi, I decided to give the sandwich a shot.

Bulgogi beef sandwich

When eating the bulgogi beef sandwich on a roll (it’s a dollar more if you want the sandwich on a hero), be sure to have a fork handy, because you’ll need it. The juice from the beef had pretty much soaked the bottom bun and made it very difficult to pick up.

Bulgogi beef sandwich

The sandwich was not worth $7.50, especially from a deli. While the strips of bulgogi beef were tender, they were quite salty. I did get a hint of sweetness, but it just wasn’t enough to balance the saltiness. The sandwich could’ve used more greens also.

I usually try a place two times before deciding if I’ll go back or not. After the bulgogi beef sandwich mess, I don’t think I’ll get my lunch at Sarah’s Kitchen any time soon. For $7.50, the sandwich was way overpriced, and for the same amount (or close to it), I could go to many other sandwich shops for a much better experience (Melange Green & Gourmet, Potbelly, 696 Gourmet Deli, Previti Pizza, Amish Market).

Sarah’s Kitchen, 725 3rd Ave btw 45th and 46th St (212) 867-1881


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    Seriously, what a disappointment when this place finally opened!! Maybe they have decent bagels? Nothing good in the area, as far as I’m concerned.

    • Decent Bagels from a generic deli?
      What planet are you from? Ess-a-Bagel is only 4 blocks north of Sarah”s Kitchen and may have the best Bagels in New York.

  • I got the skirt steak bahn mi. It had these HUGE chunks of brisket fat in it. It was revolting. Every time I think about the place now, I gag.

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