696 Gourmet Deli Serves A Messy, Delicious Roast Beef Sandwich

696 Deli
I walk by 696 Gourmet Deli everyday, but never once did I think about going inside to get breakfast or lunch. I have looked at their lunch specials but only when I’m on my way to grab lunch from somewhere else. Then one day I found myself craving a sandwich. Not just any sandwich: a really messy, gut busting, nap required after eating sort of sandwich. I had thought about the crazy chicken sandwich I had at Previti that was as big as my head, but I wanted somewhere closer. While wandering around, I found myself checking out 696 Gourmet Deli and their lunch specials, and I ended up getting the roast beef sandwich ($6.50). So was it the messy gut busting sandwich I was craving for?

696 Deli
This, my friends, was exactly what I wanted for lunch. Greasy, sauce dripping everywhere, huge, messy, and totally packed with roast beef. By the time I got back to my office, part of the bread was already soggy from the beef juice, but the bread was toasty enough to actually hold everything in place. I didn’t really care too much for the lettuce and tomatoes, because it was all about the chunks of tender beef. This sandwich did need some added heat to it — like a good squirt of sriracha — to make it perfect.

Yes, I know 696 Gourmet Deli is just another generic deli, but I do believe that there are good things to be had at delis. In fact, I plan to go back soon to try their roast pork sandwich. I wonder if it will be as good as the one from Cafe Cello.

696 Gourmet Deli, 696 3rd Ave btw 43rd and 44th (212) 490-7115


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    I get breakfast sandwiches here. I keep going back because their bacon is of much higher quality than that found at other delis in the area. Their sausages are fat and tasty. They will also leave corned beef on the grill long enough to get a proper crispy brown. Good stuff.

  • they do a dependable breakfast sandwich here. Their egg guys have game. Wish they had better bagels but the sandwiches are very solid.

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