The Amish Market East Has Killer Sandwiches

Amish Market

I have never experienced an Amish Market before. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I decided to check out the Midtown east one on 45th btw 2nd +3rd when my boss came back with a delicious looking sandwich (it’s only a couple blocks from my office). She had told me about the Amish Market before but I wasn’t really paying attention. I mean it’s a market so I didn’t even think that there would be a steamed table buffet, sushi, salad bar and a sandwich counter all in one roof. After seeing the sandwich my boss got, I knew I wanted the same thing for lunch.

Amish Market

Lucky for us, all the sandwiches at the Amish Market are under $10. For $7.98 I got the Amish smoked turkey hero. It was a big sandwich for under $8.

Amish Market

Look at the delicious looking layers of smoked turkey, tomatoes, cheese, greens and honey mustard. I have eaten many turkey sandwiches but most of them just don’t give enough turkey. For under $8 you can see that’s a lot of sliced smoked turkey in one sandwich.  This was a proper turkey sandwich. The sweet and tangy honey mustard and the crunchy greens really lightened up the sandwich. The flavor of the smokey turkey was robust and did not get lost in the sandwich.

Amish Market

Another worthy sandwich is the Roma hero ($7.98) which has porchetta, cheese, fire roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. Just reading the ingredients off the menu board was making me drool. Similar to the smoked turkey sandwich, there was a good amount of sliced pork in this sandwich (also a good amount of cheese). I thought the combination of sundried tomatoes and tomatoes would be an overkilled but it wasn’t. The sundried tomatoes had a good bit of sweetness in them while the regular tomatoes were fresh and crisp. Honestly when I read “porchetta” I was hoping for a sandwich more like the roast pork from Shorty’s or the porchetta sandwich at Di Palo that Andrea from Downtown found.

You can pretty much buy anything at the Amish Market including sushi, snacks, coffee, pastries and etc. Their steamed table buffet looked pretty promising but I tend to stay away from them because I usually go way over $10. Even if I did want to splurge a little at the steamed table buffet I would need to spend quite a lot to get full. For under $8 their delicious sandwiches are the way to go. They’re not shy with their ingredients and heck there’s enough change to get a bag of chips.

Amish Market East, 240 E 45th st btw 2nd & 3rd (212) 370-1761


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