Di Palo’s $6 Porchetta Sandwich Is A Thing Of Beauty

di palo inside

I’d been aware that Di Palo’s Fine Foods on Grand St. in Little Italy sold porchetta, but it wasn’t until I happened to stop in that I learned the exciting information that they will make it into a sandwich for you. The place primarily traffics in Italian meats and cheeses with a sideline in prepared foods, pasta and other imported goods. The day I was there they hadn’t made the porchetta because of something about a meat shipment, but I was informed by the nice guy working the counter that they would not only have it the next day but he would make me a sandwich out of it. The next day come lunch time, I was on my way there faster than you can say “pork sandwich.”

If you’ve ever eaten the eponymous sandwich at the East Village’s Porchetta, you likely know how magical this roll of pig products and aromatics is when put inside of bread. That sandwich costs $10, and I was prepared to pay that much for one at Di Palo.

There were two glorious rolls of porchetta resting on a cutting board when I walked in and I was the first to have a stab at them. I asked for a sandwich and after grabbing a roll from a basket in the front, the man and porchetta disappeared in the back. When they reappeared, I was charged all of $6 for a large sandwich with no shortage of pork poking out of it. I also learned they generally have porchetta every day, but definitely call ahead to make sure they’ve made it that day if that’s what you’re heading there for.

The meat was equal parts fat and actual meat, with a fair amount of crispy skin too, all studded with spices and bits of celery. The bread was fantastic as well, just chewy enough to hold up to the fatty meat, but not so tough that you dislocate your jaw eating it. There’s really not much else to say, except if you work within walking distance of Di Palo’s and like porchetta I think you owe it to yourself to eat this sandwich.

Di Palo’s Fine Foods, 200 Grand St. (at Mott), (212) 226-1033



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