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Want to Get Your Photo in Our NYC Street Food Book?

Bian Dang Truck

In case you haven’t heard Blondie and I are writing a book about the best New York City street food and fellow Midtown Lunch contributors Clay Williams and Donny Tsang are shooting the photography. Naturally Midtown Lunch fav spots are included and we’d love to have pictures of Lunchers as well! If you want to get your pic in the book either modeling your lunch or standing in line, Donny will be at Bian Dang on 53rd St between Park and Lex at 1:15 (and Clay was at Comme Ci Comme Ca on 36th St and Broadway a little earlier, but might still be there now.) Tomorrow, Clay will be at Kimchi Taco Truck on 47th and Park at 1pm. If you stop by, say hi and tell them you love Midtown Lunch.

Bian Dang’s Fun Buns Cart Now Offers Three Types of Buns

Last month, Andrea reported about an offshoot of the Bian Dang truck called Fun Buns NYC downtown that was serving one thing and one thing only: steamed pork buns. The cart (which has a similar colored design to the Mama Truck) has since spread their wings a bit and they now move around they city. They’ve also added two other types of buns to their menu.

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Get a Free Frites N Meats Burger At Noon Today

Yes please.

Uncle Gussy’s Greek Yogurt, Ice Cream and Sorbet Cart Slated to Open Today

pago photo

If you’ve been following the ML Twitter Tracker, you know that Uncle Gussy’s has a new venture up their sleeve. For the past few months they’ve been perfecting Greek-style frozen yogurt, ice cream and sorbet recipes. Early reports from yogurt sampling they did back during that hot spell in March were good and with some luck the cart will be opening today.

I recently had a chance to catch up with Nick to get the full scoop (haha) on their new cart.

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Contributor Stalking (The “Tea Eggs & Osso Buco” edition)

Do you wonder what the ML contributors do when they’re not eating lunch in Midtown? (We’re actually pretty easy to stalk!)

Three Tea Eggs
Testing out recipes for Blondie & Brownie’s upcoming book. Photo by Brownie.

Rachel had short ribs at home, Brian checked out the All American at SmashBurger, Donny had dinner at Il Paiolo in Williamsburg, Blondie went to Dekalb Market for Dinner and a Movie, and Brownie tested recipes for Chinese Tea Eggs.

Elsewhere in the ML universe… Zach designed a two hour taco tour through Los Angeles, Jamie in Philly admits to a craving for Ikea’s Swedish Meatballs and Andrea reports on Okadaman, a new Japanese food truck that’s hitting the streets next month.

Ma Peche Lunch Delivery Has Started

If you’re into large, splurge worthy Midtown dinners you’ll be excited to hear that Ma Peche (on 55th btw. 5+6th) has introduced 2 new large format dinners to their menu.  But that isn’t the only news to come out of Midtown’s Momofuku today.  We hinted at it a few weeks ago when we looked at Ma Peche’s new lunch options, but today it becomes official.  You can now have Ma Peche’s take out lunch menu, featuring sandwiches, buns, small plates, and Milk Bar cookiesfor delivered to your office.

Check out the delivery zone after the jump…

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Has Midtown Forgotten About Utsav? Because It’s Still Great

It’s been several years since we’ve talked at all about Ustav. Zach pretty much covered all the bases when he originally reviewed the upscale Indian joint in 2007, focusing on their $7.95 or $9.95 take out lunch that costs $18.95 if you eat in their dining room. A lot has happened since 2007, not the least of which was some crazy financial turmoil, so it’s surprising to me that Utsav’s lunch deal remains the same both in price and in quality as when Zach originally reviewed it. And, even more surprising, I hardly hear people talking about this place, yet it is still really great Indian food.
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Get Some Korilla, Seoul Food, Cinnamon Snail And More: Korilla is on 46th & Vanderbilt, Rickshaw is on 40th & Park, Eddie's Pizza is on 46th btw. 5+6th, Crisp on Wheels is on 53rd btw. Park+Mad, Domo Taco is on Park btw. 46+47th, Comme Ci Comme Ca is on 52nd & Park, one of the Wafels & Dinges carts is on 52nd btw. 3+Lex, Seoul Food is on 51st & Park, Cinnamon Snail is on 55th & Bway, and Fun Buns is in the Flatiron.  Make you sure you check the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out.

Blue Halal Cart Fries Their Falafel Fresh to Order

Blue Halal Cart A while back I had tried the Blue Halal Cart on the SE corner of 46th St and 3rd Ave and found their hot sauce to be quite spicy. I haven’t been back since (there’s just too much good street meat to eat in the area!) but was always happy to see a long line of people getting their lunch from this cart. So the other day when I was craving the flavors of street meat I though it might be a good time for a return visit. There was just one problem though. It was Monday and I have been trying to be good about doing the “Meatless Monday” thing (I know..I know I should get my ass kicked.) So how does one get the flavors of street meat over rice and not get the street meat? It’s actually quite easy, get the falafel over rice combo- which the Blue Halal Cart happens to fry fresh to order.

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