Want to Get Your Photo in Our NYC Street Food Book?

Bian Dang Truck

In case you haven’t heard Blondie and I are writing a book about the best New York City street food and fellow Midtown Lunch contributors Clay Williams and Donny Tsang are shooting the photography. Naturally Midtown Lunch fav spots are included and we’d love to have pictures of Lunchers as well! If you want to get your pic in the book either modeling your lunch or standing in line, Donny will be at Bian Dang on 53rd St between Park and Lex at 1:15 (and Clay was at Comme Ci Comme Ca on 36th St and Broadway a little earlier, but might still be there now.) Tomorrow, Clay will be at Kimchi Taco Truck on 47th and Park at 1pm. If you stop by, say hi and tell them you love Midtown Lunch.


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    are all the vending trucks chosen already that will be in the book? it cant be just this lot, seems too small right?

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    also aren’t all these trunks rather transient?

  • Hi guys, there are close to 50 carts and trucks in the book from all over the city. This past week Blondie and I were in all five boroughs for photoshoots. While there’s a fair amount of vendors who move around, there are others who have been in the same spots for decades; one of the trucks we’re featuring has been around for 50 years! There will be more midtown shoots coming up over the next couple of weeks. We’ll keep you posted!

  • Is Little Morocco making the book?

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