Contributor Stalking (The “Brown Buttered Bacon Doughnuts” edition)

Browned Butter Bacon doughnuts
Brownie really needs to share these amazing looking doughnuts.

Brownie brought a tear to my eye with homemade brown buttered bacon doughnuts, Donny had dinner at Mary, Queen of Scots, Brian listed his top five dishes of 2011, Blondie does her own 2011 food recap, Chris checked out the new West Village Fatty Cue, Rachel brunched it up at One Hundred Acres and I’ve started a new photo project called Food/Work.

Elsewhere int he ML universe… Zach collected all the lunches he ate in 2011 in one gigantic photo, Jamie scored a banh mi at Philly Cafe and Andrea discovered a sandwich she calls a pork explosion in a generic deli downtown.


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