Stir Cafe Has A Sandwich That Might As Well Be Called The Pork Explosion

Forgive me lunchers, for I have eaten at a generic deli. I felt a little dirty walking into Stir Cafe at the bottom of Broadway (btw. Whitehall & Exchange Pl.), as most of my lunches come from carts, trucks or places that don’t have a make-your-own salad station. My reason for being here was that a friend tipped me off that Stir has legit roast pork sandwiches (or a platter if you want to spend $10), and since most generic delis only serve a pathetic attempt at a Cubano, I decided to check it out. Fatty pork on pork action straight ahead.

They have four sandwiches involving roast pork on the menu under the “signature sandwiches” section and they’re all $7.25 (although I think I got overcharged, so watch out). This includes a little salad on the side because that makes ingesting fatty meats healthier, right?

Of course, I went with the NY style roast pork sandwich which involves pork, bacon, swiss cheese and barbeque sauce on a hero bun. This was my last Downtown Lunch of 2011, and I’m happy to say it was a delicious one. The roast pork was really good (meaning really juicy because of all the fat), the bacon was crispy and plentiful and they throw four slices of cheese on this bad boy and it gets nice and melty after a trip through the conveyor belt oven. The only downsides to this sandwich were the crappy BBQ sauce and the fact that all of the grease made the bottom piece of bread soggy during the few blocks I had to walk before eating it.

This is possibly a heart attack on a bun, but I think pork and bacon aren’t combined nearly enough. The other roast pork sandwiches are one involving pepperjack cheese and guacamole, a Cubano, and another with provolone, lettuce, tomato and garlic aioli. Basically, if you’re looking for a decently-priced roast pork sandwich and don’t want to walk to Sophie’s Cuban this could be a good option.

Stir Cafe, 32 Broadway (btw. Whitehall & Exchange Place), (212) 425-5123



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