Every Lunch I Ate in 2011 in One Gigantic Photo

And now… the MOMENT YOU’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR (?) It’s become an annual custom here on Midtown Lunch for me to show what a fat fuck I am (I’m only fat for L.A.!) scare the shit out of my family (well, yes, but that’s not my intention) gross out the entire city of Los Angeles (not the ENTIRE city, some people here do like food, even though we’re in the minority) show off to the fatties of the world (that sounds about right) by posting a photo of every single lunch I ate for the entire year.  This year’s is quite a doozy, so prepare to be grossed out amazed.

After the jump, every single lunch I ate in 2011, from Shawarma Palace to Kabab Mahaleh, in one gigantic photo…


(For somebody who loves pork and shellfish as much as this guy, I’m a little shocked I started and ended the year at Kosher restaurants on Pico. Maybe I’m a better Jew than I thought.)

Happy Holidays, and see you in 2012!

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