Falafel Round Up Leaves Off Midtown’s Craziest

Olympic Pita: MidtownIn this week’s New York Magazine the Robs take note of how ubiquitous and eclectic falafel has become here in NYC, pointing out 12 different takes on the fried chickpea balls. Olympic Pita (on 38th btw. 5+6th) got singled out for its delicious laffa, Maoz got the nod for its DIY set up, and Taim for its different flavors. But we couldn’t help but notice that Crisp was left off the list entirely. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, how can you have a “unique falafels of NYC” list, and leave off the place that is responsible for these monstrosities! We’ll chalk it up to harmless oversight…


  • I’m still mourning the loss of Pick-A-Pita… Maoz isn’t as good… Olympic Pita is too expensive… tears.

  • Wish I would have known about the price hike at Olympic before heading over there – now over 10 bucks for the falafel laffa (fries or not).

    Pick-a-pita WAS the best falafel deal in the city. Freshest ingredients anywhere, and a jam-packed falafel for only 5.50.

    Anyone ever figure out why they split so suddenly like that?

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