Vendy Award Dessert Finalists Announced

Miss Softee

The Vendy Cup finalists haven’t been revealed yet (with the exception of Comme Ci Comme Ca spilling the beans), but this morning the New York Daily News announced the nominees for the Vendy Award dessert category, and it includes our very own MISS SOFTEE!!! Also nominated is La Belle Torte cannoli truck, Wooly’s shaved ice truck, the Cupcake Crew Truck, and La NewYorkina Mexican paletas cart. You can read more about each on the nominees on the Vendy Award website. GA Tickets for the September 24th event on Governor’s Island are sold out, but there are early entry tickets and sponsorship packages still available.


  • Congrats to Miss Softee!!!! Sadly I haven’t seen her all season. My puppy, who also loves her, stands up on his hind quarters next to every softee truck he sees in the hopes that Miss Softee is there (no joke).

    • Seriously, I love Miss Softee as much as anybody, but she stopped selling ice cream and her Rolling Cones crew disappeared months ago, why is she nominated?

  • whatever happened to the column that she was gonna write with her new team?

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    This entire vendi award thing is a sham, ms softie??? she serves soft serve crap, do you know what is in that soft serve? because she wears skirts, sounds like a good reason to nominate. oh, lets not mention that she is the princess of the ice cream mafia. how low can the vendi awards go? there are several great sweet trucks and this is what is nominated, what’s next kool man. good humor. the vendi awards are a joke, and those who pander to it are puppets who need the attention because they can not survive on their merits alone.

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    pissed, not really. spent good money to hit up the vendi awards two years in a row (second time on a date and she had to go), and felt suckered twice, never again! as for mr or ms. sofftie i just hate those soffti trucks and the workers in them. many tales have been told about how they constantly disregard the law, and here the vendi awards cant find vendors to represent them better then this poor excuse.

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    Wafels & Dinges won the Vendy’s for Dessert in 2009. In 2010 we were barred from participating again, because we had won the previous year. In 2011, I asked Helena Tubis (the new Managing Director of the event) in an email on March 17 whether we’d be allowed to participate again. The answer was positive – we were allowed to participate in 2011. Since we’re not listed today for the 2011 participants, I gave Helena a call to get more insights on the nomination process. Since she was new in her role in March, she had made a mistake – understandable. After all, they decided to stick with the policy of not allowing previous winners.

    But still, what is the point of excluding previous winners year after year after year? The field of exciting and high quality candidate participants is not exactly expanding rapidly. Sure there are many deserving vendors who’ve been around for a long time and who don’t fit the “hipster truck” label (thankfully). But the competition would be so much more interesting if we had a mix of new entrants, previous competitors and previous winners? Everyone would get a chance to shine and the spectacle would only be better. What are the organizers afraid of?
    It’s time for the streetvendor organization to consider how to make this event more interesting to the public and the press. That means make it a more open competition instead of handpicking participants after a supposedly open nomination process.
    We definitely ready to serve about a thousand waffles once more, with or without the dinges.

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    last year SVP (AKA vendi awards) did not have enough vendors they went to Philly to get more, what a JOKE! who in NYC nominated Philly trucks vendors?
    this is not a peoples choice awards it is a kiss up popularity contest for the street vendor project block of woods heads.

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