Big D’s Grub Truck Grinders Are a Big Value

Big Ds ExteriorAnytime I’m feeling light in the wallet, I want the Big D’s Grub Truck to be in my neighborhood. Both Blondie and Andrea were impressed with the amount of food that they received in their taco orders, and last week, it was my turn to be impressed by the size of the spicy pork grinder that I received for $7.

Big D's Yucca Fries

But first, a yucca fry interlude. For $3, I was very happy with the portion of fries that I received, which also comes with your choice of a dipping sauce. I was also pleased to note that they came out screaming hot and crispy – hot enough to melt holes into the styrofoam package. However, the interior of the fry was a bit mealier than I’ve come to expect from a good yucca fry, and the fries also begged for salt. But for a cheap dose of carbs, the yucca fries are a good value. At the risk of self-defeating this report, that extra filler probably isn’t necessary if you order it alongside one of Big D’s grinders.

Big D's Pork Grinder

The ordering strategy for Big D’s seems to be this – Avoid the chicken, ask for extra spicy (as pointed out by luncher, Formz), and come hungry. I did just that, and went with a spicy pork grinder ($7), extra spicy. What I received was an impressively large sandwich, with a decent amount of spicy pork, a flourish of pickled daikon radish and pickled cucumbers, and kimchi puree, all sandwiched in a hefty, bready roll. However any meatiness or spice was buried underneath the overpowering flavors of daikon radish, and I found the sandwich to be a bit on the dry side – a squirt of spicy mayonnaise or jus for flavor and moisture could have improved the sandwich. And despite my request of ‘extra spicy’, I felt only a slight tingle of heat – perhaps I’ll need to order it ‘extra extra extra spicy’ next time?

So Big D’s Grub Truck – the gauntlet has been thrown down. When the lunchers of Midtown ask for extra spicy, we’re not kidding around. Bring the heat, don’t be gentle, and keep cranking out your tasty and outrageously sized grinders.  Today they are supposed to be on 50th and 6th, but be sure to check twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out.


  • Wow. I had the exact opposite experience when I tried Big D’s. I had the bulgogi grinder. I thought it was on the skimpy side, with only a thin layer of meat. Maybe they are more generous with the chicken and pork. I didn’t hate it but I’ve never gone back either….I much prefer kimchi taco, whose bulgogi platter with multigrain rice is pretty damn good for 7 bucks. More filling than the grinder at Big D’s I thought. And of course, Korilla kicks all their butts…but I’m not waiting in long lines for it anymore. It is too soul sucking….

  • i completely agree with: “any meatiness or spice was buried underneath the overpowering flavors of daikon radish” i also got the bulgogi grinder and you could have removed all the meat and i would not have noticed. it was a decent size, but i wouldnt exactly say that its “outrageously sized” though.

    and avoid the crinkle cut fries. it looked like it came from a bag of frozen fries from the supermarket, which were undercooked as well.

    Korilla all the way, even with the long lines.

  • I have to rescind my previous comments. I’ve hit Big D’s the last two weeks and my sandwiches bordered on HUGE. Meat was falling out all over, and it was still packed. I think Big D’s has stepped up its game and they’ve definitely earned my business!

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