Big D’s Grub Truck Brings Their Tacos to Midtown Today

Big D's Grub Truck

I’ve been wanting to try Big D’s Grub Truck ever since they came onto the scene back in January, but they tended to spend a good amount of time in Long Island City and Downtown. Downtown Lunch’s Andrea has checked them out a few times, noting that one should go for the pork or meat. When they were in Midtown last week, I saw on their Twitter that they were testing Chili Sesame Chicken and made my way over for some lunch.

Big D's Grub Truck

Big D’s Grub says it’s bringing Asian style tacos and sandwiches (“grinders”) to the streets. The simple menu is definitely Korean influenced, but I wouldn’t go calling this the Korean taco truck just because it offers bulgogi. That said, when I ordered the spicy pork, I wasn’t expecting daeji bulgogi, but rather a shredded pork taco.

Big D's Grub Tacos

Excited about their 3 tacos for $7, I got the chili sesame chicken, spicy pork, and bulgogi, basically the same first meal that Andrea had gotten from them. Interestingly enough, my tacos didn’t have any sauces on them, but they did have cucumber slices that added a nice crunch and some moisture. When you have two huge flour tortillas holding your taco filling, you need to have some sauces to prevent the whole taco from feeling too dry. Like Andrea, I also found the chicken a bit on the blander side despite the chili addition. I wanted some more spice and juicier chunks of chicken. Their tweets from last week show that they are still playing around with the recipe, using dark meat now as opposed to the white meat I had.

Big D's Grub Tacos

Of the other two tacos, the spicy pork was the winner mainly due to its juiciness and spices. The flavor was a bit more well-rounded and complex than the other two, and the sauce on the pork made up for the lack of a sauce topping. The bulgogi wasn’t bad, it was just a bit too one-note for me, something a sauce could have helped out with. They do give you some good-sized tacos, a platter of three would be an ample lunch.

Pork & Chive Dumplings

Not satisfied until I reach total stuffed-ness, I also got a side order of their pork and chive dumplings ($3 for 4.) They’re serving thick-skinned dumplings that have a nice amount of fresh savory filling, each big enough for two bites. Fried to golden, they are the best dumplings I’ve gotten off a truck. I went with the Big D’s secret sauce for dipping-it tastes similar to a spiced honey mustard which oddly complemented the dumplings.

Today they are supposed to be parked on 40th and 6th, but you can keep track of Big D’s Grub location via their Twitter or the Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker.


  • Just ate here… I got one bulgogi taco and one spicy pork sandwich. The food is good and very tasty. I have two complaints though: the spicy pork had zero hint of spice. Again, it was tasty but seriously I couldn’t taste even black pepper level of spice. Second complaint is although the bread they use is very good, it had about 3/4″ of no filling all the way around it which means there were a few bites with nothing but bread. More filling please!

  • I was just there too. The tacos in the pic must be stunt tacos. Mine weren’t quite as generous. I had Bulgogi and Ginger Chicken. Very good, but one I’d suggest some radish, like they do in Cali.

  • shows you what i know, those look like corn tortillas to me.

  • Just there and disagree, the tacos were perfectly filled, more would make them a mess, this is how tacos are done- balanced, and they double the tortillas unlike that other popular truck so they stay intact until the end.

    I think this one is a winner, especially at 3 for $7, two thumbs up!

  • The tortillas are definitely corn.

  • Much better than Korilla. Korilla tacos are super bland, these seemed more flavorful, but could use a bit more spice.

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    That’s so weird that they didn’t put any sauce on yours. I thought that added some needed moisture. And even the dark meat chili sesame chicken was flavorless!

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    they sold out of everything but chicken before I got there :(

  • Finally stopped by today to try out the Big D.

    It was AWESOME!

    I am a dumpling addict, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE their dumplings. They are well-filled, tasty filling, chewy dough….but it the sauce that sealed the deal. I got the ginger dip. OMG. They are seriously on my top 5 list of favorite dumplings in NYC now. That is impressive considering I went on a mad rampage of tasting dumplings all over NY(especially Flushing and CTown) last summer. Definitely crave worthy.
    The dumplings are $1 each, so not cheap. I mean, I can get 5 dumplings for $1 at a zillion places in CTown. But this isn’t Ctown, so $1 each I pay. And you know what? They are worth it.

    I also ordered a bulgogi grinder (with a squeeze of srichacha on top). It was awesome. Bulgogi version of banh mi. The bread was perfect. The veggies perfect. There was this awesome white sauce on top that melded perfectly with the srichacha. Yum, yum. yum.

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