Contributor Stalking (The “Pork Belly cooked on crystal” Edition)

Do you wonder what the ML contributors do when they’re not eating lunch in Midtown? (They’re actually pretty easy to stalk!)

Samgyeopsal at Han Joo Chik Naeng Myun & BBQ in Flushing. Photo by Chris H. courtesy of Serious Eats

On Chris H.’s mission to explore the food of Flushing, he discovered pork belly cooked on crystal. Blondie went to a lunch with Bobby Flay and is giving away the gift bag, full of goodies. Brownie discovered the wonders of great hot chocolate at Eataly. Brian continued his search for the great New York bagel at Ess-a-Bagel’s original branch. Donny took some amazing photos at chef Nate Smith’s pop up lamb dinner. Meanwhile, I’ve been posting food photos shot on film on Analog UltraClay.

Around the rest of the ML universe… Zach posted about a tasty looking Grilled Cheese at Oaks Gourmet, Jamie tried out the Guapos Taco Truck from Jose Garces and Andrea checked out the new AsiaDog shop in Nolita.

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  • Brownie, did you ever hear of “drinking chocolate”? From what I’ve heard its basically melted chocolate in a cup. Its treated as a dessert in restaurants not really a “drink”.

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